1 मार्च इस Agarbatti Project report में सालाना उत्पादन रिटेल में 10 रूपये में बिकने वाली, 6 लाख पैकेट्स का लक्ष्य. In our Indian society, Dhoop, Dhoop Batti, Agarbatti, all these are taken as Every project requires some specific time for commercial production and are briefly. Rs. 5. PROJECT COST/CAPITAL INVESTMENT. burning time of agarbatti varies from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on quality and size. Majority.

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Thousands as at the end of the. Interests — 61 49 36 22 7 9.

Training calendar of Autonomous bodies

In superior varieties, essential oils, purified resins, natural fixatives like amber, musk and civet are used prpject with synthetic aromatics. Around quintals of bamboo sticks would be produced per year. Ramaiah Arumugamgalli Kalasipalayam, New Extn. All the ingredients in powder form are mixed well in the proper proportion with water to a semi-solid paste by skilled labour. Goat Farming Project Report with 50 Does and 2 buc Repayment of loan — 87 B.

For manufacture of perfumed agarbattis the concentrated perfume is diluted first with white oil or diethyl phthalate Generally 1: The burning time ;of an agarbatti agaebatti from 15 minutes to 3 hours according to quality and size.

The raw sticks re them dried and packed in suitable bundles. Rs in Thousands Sl. Owing to the low level of technology involved in this industry, this can be taken to rural areas without much difficulty, thus implementing the rural industrialisation policy of Government of India to a greater extent.

The perfumed batties are packed immediately in butter paper bags or polypropylene bags and finally in printed cartons.

Moreover, it is an export-oriented industry also. Increase in Current Assets — — — — — 8. This paste is applied to bamboo sticks and rolled on wooden-planks with hands uniformly. As on today, about units exist through the State of Karnataka. Absolutes are use in the costlier types.

Provision for contingencies Rs. Station Agatbatti, Salem — 1, Tamilnadu.

Loan Account — A. Agarbati also known, as Udubattis similar to joss sticks are a development of Dhup. Agarbatti is also obtainable in other forms such as dashang stickly paste or powder deep cones and Dhup, tablets etc.

Increase in capital investment — — — — — 7. As of today, about 85 foreign countries are using our agarbattis. The cost of drawing of water is shown in power cost. Monthly requirement and costs of raw materials are shown here: Description Amount in Rs.

Receipts by sale of 27,00, packets of agarbattis Rs. Profit before interests — A. The unit will need Liters of water. Debt Equity Ratio 2. Mukesh Industries, Bhavnagar,Gujarat. Cheap perfumes are also used to give them a top note. Dhup an aromatic powder or paste is burnt in Indian homes as a fragrant fumigant and is reputed to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties.

Agarbattis are available in different colours and with different perfumes.

Free Agarbatti Manufacturing Project Report | Complete Project Report

For the manufacture of perfumed agarbattis, the concentrated perfume is diluted first with shale oil or diethyl phthalate and raw agarbattis are dipped properly in dipping trays.

Agarbattis are prroject in different colors and with different perfumes. Depreciation — 40 40 40 40 40 5. The raw sticks are then dried properly and packed in suitable bundles depends on price and product offering.

This stick would be a different size and would be sold at the rate of Rs. Cheap perfumes are used to give them a top note. Projext burning time of an agarbatti can go from 15 minutes to 3 hours according to its quality and size.

The number and annual cost of manpower are given below: Increase in subsidy — — — — — 3 Increase in loan — — — — — 4. Thousands as at the end of the No.