In Willis’s (Doomsday) fifth solo novel, her practiced screwball style yields a clever story which, while imperfect, is a sheer pleasure to read. In the very near. Here-and-now speculative yarn involving chaos theory and statistical prediction, from the author of the fine Doomsday Book (), etc. Connie Willis has won more Hugo and Nebula awards than any other science fiction author. Now, with her trademark wit and inventiveness, she explores the.

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bellwetyer And what exactly is a bellwether? I loved the segments at the start of each chapter that talked about fads throughout history. Good for you, Assumed Reader, the book practically purrs: You’re not like these sheeple. Or, is there another reason she finds him so interesting? In the end the search for truth willus to something bigger than understanding fads. These too shall pass although the chaos will probably remain. This book was so fun! The first time I read this, I gave it four stars.

And like the difference between a platonic and an amorous relationship, this book is fun without too many complications. Bellwether really rolls up its sleeves and commits to that approach, though, giving you a novel in which feeling differently from its protagonists on literally any subject apparently makes you deserving of ridicule and contempt. When Flip loses Bennett’s funding connnie Sabrina adapts her research project so he can keep his job. What’s the new “it” thing?

It’s slight literally–this is closer to belkwether novella than a true noveland that slightness works to its advantage, becaus The first time I read this, I gave it four stars.

Connie Willis, Bellwether

I go back and forth on whether these quirks ruin her novels or just make them more frustrating than they should be. Why did you decide to work with fads? A few weeks ago her husband was there when I went in and we took her outside in the sun. But it has something that most romance novels only aspire to: Just to see if anyone notices.

They go through 3 to 4 engagement seminars in a season. Willis’s books come in two flavors, either funny or grim as she herself describes her serious works. She is not competent. She blends pop culture, scientific discovery, chaos theory, Robert Browning, fads and an infuriating office assistant to produce a book where thinking for oneself gets you blank looks of incomprehension.

I did enjoy it, all the way through, which is a step up for me when it comes to Connie Willis. After all, it’s not much of a stretch between fads and sheep. After all, what better animal to study both chaos theory and the herd mentality wiillis so often characterizes human behavior?


Toss in some colorful supporting characters Sarcastic slacker office assistant! Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

Sandra Foster is a scientist who is researching the phenomenon of fads, in particular, how they start and spread. This is the same Management that conducts all-staff meetings to introduce new management “strategies,” hand out revised funding allocation forms, and conduct sensitivity exercises that cause employees to sneak out of the staff room to hide in the nearest rest room.

Willis maintains the lively loopy pace with substance and with characters who come alive.

This is definitely one of the funny ones. And then I reread Bellwether and looked up from the page in horror to announce to the world, “This book is kind of a petty asshole.

It is sort of a rambling narrative about trends actually pretty interestinginterpersonal relationships, and office environments with some chick-lit thrown in. I willix bellwether a review.

I love all of the management initiatives. And yes, that would the exact wording. She blends pop culture, scientific discovery, chao Sandra Foster studies fads and their meanings for the HiTek corporation.


There’s something truly awesome about reading really great writing, no matter what the subject matter. It’s my go to read when I need something light and clever to cleanse my palate in between those nail-biters. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in