Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Business Maharajas has ratings and 20 reviews. Sukant said: This book is the compilation of the topmost Indian Businessman of India. This review woul. Business Maharajas has 2 ratings and 1 review. Suparnkumar Sathe said: Great book. Tells you many things about how great businessmen run their businesses.

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In a knee-jerk reaction, the Department of Banking Operations and Development in the finance ministry ordered an inquiry. Ambani hustled in Bombay’s teeming markets selling yarn and later fabrics.

We had projects on hand at that time which were apital intensive. Oct 11, Pratik Patankar rated it liked it Shelves: In the years to come, Dhirubhai’s health would be the subject of intense speculation. One gets an interesting insight into the styles of the founding leaders of some of the best Indian organizations and the kind of restrictions the businesses were operating in before liberalization. My commitment is to produce at the cheapest price and the best quality.

Now we have a fully integrated composite mill,” said Indu Sheth, now retired. The newspaper claimed that these companies belonged to Reliance and that they borrowed money from the banks at 18 per cent interest to buy debentures which earned only After printing and other processing, tt fabric-generally unbranded-is sold to the wholesale trad, which has financed the whole operation.


Imports, and exports have to be combined together to get a totality profit. He pushed aside his mounting business problems.

Making money does not excite me, though I have to make it for my shareholders. If others did not do well, perhaps, they could not export their goods.

In some areas, some cash incentives were also available. Reliance’s new PTA plant was under construction and would go on stream soon. Cumulatively, they spread the message— play with Reliance and you play with fire.

Business Maharajas (बिझीनेस महाराजे)

This was the key barrier to consumption and a limited market. It denied the extension of partnership of Bajaj with Vespa jaharajasciting that the company had become a monopoly.

British Gas acquired 3. One of these was letter writing bjsiness paper shuffling, which Mukesh sought to abolish totally. Lists with This Book. What excites me is achievement. The Naroda mill was a watershed in the Ambani saga.

It was the need for doing the right thing at the right time.

Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal

Srishti Gupta rated it really liked it Feb 18, A very powerful book. Can the elements of success be identified? I wanted to start earning as quickly as possible. Could Birla’s trade seci’cts be taught and replicated? To counter this latest a: The profiled businessmen had to be leaders in their chosen area of activity.

It was even more so for Ambani.

Sir please send me the soft copy so that i can read this book. The press and analysts smell blood and begin telling inside stories about who’s quarrelling and who’s responsible for mismanagement. Then and now, it out spent its competition with a budget which is on par with consumer giants such gtia Hindustan Lever. Outwardly, Ambani appeared unfazed by these allegations.

For three years, between andalmost daily new and exclusive Vimal retail outlet would open its doors to business. The board meeting fixed for that day was adjourned. This strategy would become the essence of Birla’s corporate philosophy.


It’s a huge place where all the pigeons descend and people feed them chana. He denied approval to Birla to set up an integrated steel plant in Bihar, on the flimsy argument that such plants were reserved for the public sector.

Dhirubhai still hadn’t lost his old touch, however. Whoever controlled them also seemed to be remarkably well informed about Indian regulations. Each day at 1 1 a.