Jun 4, As a young student in Delhi, Basharat Peer used to feel a sense of shame each time he walked into a bookshop. There were books written by. Curfewed Night has ratings and reviews. Supratim said: This book tells the story of Kashmir as seen through the eyes of the author, Basharat Pe. 4 quotes from Curfewed Night: ‘Newspapers routinely refer to the missing men as ‘disappeared persons’, and their waiting wives are the ‘half-widows’.’.

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That way you can have a significant positive impact on the lives of the people who care about or claim to care about. Life, Death, and the Sri Lankan War.

Curfewed Night | Book by Basharat Peer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

View all 7 comments. Resolving to change that by telling his own story, Peer then embarks upon a journey to understand the conflict and its impact on the average Kashmiri better. But at the end it inevitably shaped a generation. Then eventually with the progress of his life story, the author diligently changes the once mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir into something dark filled with army bunkers, streets filled with army patrolling cars, armed personnel guarding a hidden corner of a building and some army soldiers are constantly checking and frisking the common Kashmiri folks thereby disrupting the normalcy in their daily lives.

There were books written by people from almost every conflict zone of the age, but where were the stories of his own homeland of Kashmir? It seems while penning his memoir, the author has simply poured out all his emotions from his best days to his nightmarish days in Kashmir.

Apr 10, Ranjitha rated it liked it. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. But in Delhi, as a student and then a reporter, Peer’s thoughts were never far from Kashmir.

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Our Moon Has Blood Clots: They have to undergo humiliating military checks every now and then. The pacing is smooth and swift as the author gradually pulls his readers into the depth of his memoir. I’m glad that Peer has now chosen to dedicate his life to documenting it and I hope that others in India and beyond will follow his example. The author has vividly portrayed the sufferings of the common Kashmiris. Suddenly, he found his Hindu friends stopped coming to school.

It is a war that hasn’t yet ended, though it has changed shape considerably in the last 20 years. Books by Basharat Peer. It is a sad tale which grips you and emotionally moves you. The fighting stopped inafter the intervention of UN and endorsed a plebiscite for Kashmir to determine which country they wanted to belong to and created a ceasefire line.

It goes beyond the political rhetoric that envelopes Kashmir and is the authentic story of a ravaged land that continues to labour and breathe.

They tied per wire to your arms and gave high voltage shocks. What emerges out of this is a book which will make for uncomfortable reading to anyone who sincerely believes in the Idea of India.

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Curfewed Night by Basharat Peer | Book review | Books | The Guardian

Personal experiences are woven seamlessly into the recounting of greater events. Peer, a studious young man whose father is a respected government official in Srinagar, the summertime capital of Kashmir, shares his personal experiences as his village, like others throughout the region, experience great hardship and tragedy during the This book served as an excellent counterpart to The CollaboratorMirza Waheed’s novel about the crisis in Kashmir in the late s and early s, as the narrator of that novel and the author of this book are of similar ages and backgrounds.

He seemed to have transformed into a Delhi University alumnus and forgotten he was an Indian paramilitary officer posted in Kashmir. View all 5 comments. It is meant to be read slowly for it is not easy to digest.

Curfewed Night: A Frontline Memoir of Life, Love and War in Kashmir by Basharat Peer

The book details the massacres purported by the Indian army as well as the atrocities committed by the Pakistani trained militancy making me wonder where the loyalties of ordinary Kashmiris actually lay? He was, according to rumour, betrayed by a jealous rival at work.

View all 3 comments. I’m frequently amazed at how little contemporary reporting there is on the Kashmir conflict, given the staggering militarization and human suffering that it has engendered.

Prague had protested and won; Berlin had protested and won; Kashmir too had believed that there protest will win Kashmir its freedom. As a teenager, even Basharat had the similar dream. And since this one-sided view showed a lot of hat I had a really tough time with this book.

In fact, I salute all the Kashmiris for going through all this and still surviving. Curfeaed all 22 comments.

And since this one-sided view showed a lot of hate towards my country, I cringed while reading it. How terrible it is to live in fear! There is no end in sight to this conflict, but it will be altogether impossible if bbasharat are no more Basharaf Peers speaking for their generation.

Brilliant study of Kashmir conflict studied together. View all 18 comments. For the full review, visit IndiaBookStore Peer writes further on about the once sleepy, peaceful villages being ringed with landmines and old historic temples converted into military camps and bunkers.

You were asked to remove your clothes, even your underwear. Another one which definitely needs a special mention is: I hoped that someday they could return to their homes where they could sit on balconies and argue with their cousins about changing the TV channel. I talked about my friends form my Delhi University days. A Memoir of War vy Kashmir Paperback.