afr-ita:DGA, , Dizionario generale Afrikaans, Dizionario .. arl-spa:Pozzo, , Diccionario Freelang Arabela-Español, Alain Pozzo di Borgo; Rolland Rich . gratis – Traduccion ingles de diccionario ingles. In other languages: French | Portuguese | Italiano | German | Dutch | Swedish | Polish | Romanian | Czech. ·Diccionario zoque de Copainalá: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned . ·Jonsay online language dictionaries: English translated into Spanish, Italian, .

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Diccionarios de autores peruanos, por L.

Free dictionary for learning Kanji of Japanese language used in daily life. Dictionary Milanese – Italiano.

North Bauchi Chadic Languages: German – English Dictionary. A valency frame is the set of subcategorized terms complements and subjectindicating their syntactic function and some of their properties. A free English to English dictionary with overheadwords and definitions, with an easy-to-use, ad and clutter-free user interface. SLD aims idccionario advance the recognition of Scots in all its guises: Also available here are thesaurus matches and synonyms of nearly 30, words.

This community-based effort offers a free and open Irish dictionary. Also includes alphabets and grammar information for travel. Online Valencian language dictionary of synonymous, related words and antonyms. Dictionary of the Flemish dialect that is spoken in Willebroek Belgiumincluding old photos of the community.

It supports the following features: A searchable italisno dictionary containing about US slang words with the decades in which they first appeared. diccinoario

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This site investigates the choice and representation of sources on which the Oxford English Dictionary is founded. Online Turkish-English and English-Turkish dictionary. Diccionario de Marketingde G.

Online version of a trilingual Yaghnobi-Tajik-English dictionary that I compiled while living in Tajikistan last year. Sociolinguistic survey of selected Rajasthani speech varieties of Rajasthan, India, Volume 5: Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans Online dictionary. Lexibase Online – Multilingual online dictionaries based on authoritative content such as HarperCollins dictionaries and Lexibase technology: Languages of central Sulawesi: You can use this website to search four dictionaries published by Cambridge University Press.

Comprehensive Konkani English Dictionary, word diccuonario, proverbs, idioms, metaphors etc. Daniel Rabbi Moi; M. The centre has published several printed dictionaries and developed a number of online dictionaries freely available on the Internet and its staff regularly publish research papers in international academic journals.

Idioma alemán. Artículo de la Enciclopedia.

Free online dictionaries in a variety of languages e. Prussian dictionary and reconstructions. Language databases for several languages dic’s, thesaur.

A German-English technical online dictionary. Look up definitions and example sentences, or just check your spelling on the AgsPro Dictionary.

Because the fieldwork was carried out mainly during the s and s, the language described is largely that of a generation ago. An Online multilingual translation dictionary that uses Esperanto and English as pivot languages to translate words between many other languages.


Laurens Teirlynck; Anthony J. All kinds of dictionaries and glossaries within English and Swedish. This publication is a quarterly journal devoted to updating the dictionary record with terms not covered in general dictionaries.

Slovak-Russian, Russian-Slovak online dictionary. English to Tamil dictionary and and Tamil freelag English dictionary and translation online. Welcome to the Active Dictionaries website! An online English-Polish dictionary. George Peter Murdock; Clellan S. A bilingual Sranan Tongo – English dictionary. An attempt to present as many online dictionaries as possible, representing over different languages. Dictionary of the Language of Rennell and Bellona, Part 2: