EJMA Standard 9th Ed. – Standards of the Expansion Join – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. EJMA 10th Edition the Latest Revision. uploaded by. uploader avatar kappanjk · EJMA Standard 9th Ed. – Standards of the Expansion Join. uploaded. EJMA BOOK OF STANDARDS: Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc. – Includes one copy of Practical Guide to Expansion Joints.

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Bellows E at Temperature: Bellows convoluted length or live length. A new approach was developed for the design of standatd bellows, resulting in a modified set of equations for some stress components and for the spring rates.

Bellows tangent circumferential membrane stress due to internal pressure. Axial force or ejma standard caused by the internal pressurization of the bellows.

It ejma standard calculated as either Lb or Lu plus length of pipe ends. Axial force or pressure thrust is caused by the internal pressure of the bellows. Bellows are rated by the manufacturer in terms of maximum allowable axial displacement per convolution, ec and ee. It is characterized by ejma standard or warping of one or more convolutions.

Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association – Wikipedia

The main and most important result was that the calculated bending stress due to deflection could be considerably reduced. The ejma standard of every Expansion Joint must be such that the total displacement per convolution from all ejma standard does not exceed the rated values.

Fatigue life calculations were greatly enhanced and simplified. The Guide is intended to provide users with a basic understanding of expansion joints.

Convolution height less the bellows material thickness. The fatigue life expectancy can be defined as the total number of complete cycles which can be expected from the expansion ejma standard.

Bellows meridional bending stress due to deflection. This is calculated on the full effective cross section of the bellows known ejma standard the effective area.

Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association

It is used in specific design calculations to relate U-shaped bellows convolution segment behavior to a simple strip beam. The distinction of thin ejma standard thick bellows has been added.

Bellows meridional bending ejma standard due to pressure. Ejma standard fatigue life expectancy of an expansion joint is affected by various factors such ejna Tightness of bellows, bands, and rings due to dissimilar material growth rates is considered.

EJMA 10th Edition

Pressure thrust can be calculated by multiplying the working pressure by the effective area PSIG ejma standard Ae. Bellows pitch and height tolerances were redefined relative to diameter.

Bellows material thickness for one ply, corrected for thinning during the forming of the bellows convolutions. Bellows circumferential membrane stress due to ejma standard.

This condition is most associated with bellows which have a relatively large length-to-diameter ration and is similar to the buckling of a column under compressive load.

The bellows resistance factor or working spring rate is shown in lbs ejma standard inch of lateral offset. The work hardening of austenitic stainless steel, induced during the forming of convolutions, generally ejma standard the ejma standard life of an Expansion Joint often to a marked degree.

Allowable material stress at design temperature, unless otherwise specified, from the applicable code. Bending Working Spring Rate: This is the displacement of the longitudinal axis of the Expansion Joint from its initial straight line position into a circular arc.

Excessive internal pressure may cause a bellows to become unstable and squirm. Total Equivalent Max Axial: This includes standard conversions in addition to constants used in calculations.

djma Benchmark table inputs and outputs have been revised, with material class and correction factor. Bellows Yield at Temp: Calculated maximum ejma standard in PSIG before expansion joint may squirm because of column instability. Collar circumferential membrane stress due to internal pressure. It will also assist the user in communicating design requirements to the manufacturers ejma standard to properly install and maintain the expansion joint in service.

Bellows meridional membrane stress due to pressure. The maximum amount of movement axial extension, axial compression, ejma standard deflection, angular rotation, or any combination thereof which an Expansion Joint is capable of absorbing. This Guide is not intended as a source for expansion joint design or application details.