Ermeni Tehciri. Bülent Bakar. Uploaded by. Bülent Bakar. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Mehmet Takkaç Muammer Demirel and others published Ermeni Tehciri Anıları Üzerine. Bu araştırmanın amacı, Türkiye’yi özellikle her sene nisan ayında uluslararası alanda meşgul eden Ermeni Meselesi’ne, öğretim programlarımızda ve ders.

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The Chief Inspector claims in the documents he sent that the military platform at the Aleppo Station be separated with railings and be given at the disposal of the relocated Armenians only. In such a secret contract … if no action or measures are taken for the realization of the necessary conditions, but only thought about … they shall be sentenced to live in a castle In accordance with 23 The original of the document is torn.


The orders are hereby declared once more to attention of the concerned. July 29, Received: Aleppo Intermediate Range Commissariat 1. The Army Medical School shall dedicate all her efforts primarily to the construction of these detachments. The historical Turkish concept of State had never foreseen such an approach whatsoever. Establishing of the Armenian schools in the new regions should not be allowed; their children should only be taught at the State boarding schools.

The Investigation Committee has attained a clear-cut opinion and firm belief on the issue upon close reconsideration of the minutes on the Zeytun incident. All the expenses to arise in this respect shall be met by the refugee funds. General Headquarters 3 Division All the Armenians who were subjected to relocations due to various military and political reasons are allowed to return to their homes as soon as possible. They are looking for the right time for various acts of treason, and are planning attacks with the hope of reaching the right time in the near future.

All expenses shall be met by the army. A copy of this manifesto is posted. You forced us to become bandits. July 22, Date Written: Help Center Find new research papers in: The trials have begun in the presence of the Public Prosecutor Ali Galip Bey and the accused mentioned above; and the decree granting the fugitives a period of surrender is read aloud.

Armenians in pursuit of vengeance are entering the service of the logistics support units with their carts easily at the most crucial time under the pretext of establishing contact between various regions.

The Medical Chief of Staff at the Office of Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is personally responsible from the health of the relocated, and taking all the preventive measures in order to curb any epidemics among these women.

To enable the Station Commanders take necessary measures for conducting the timely cleaning of the cars, the railroad officials at the stations shall provide early and accurate information on both the arriving and leaving trains.

The day those women are sent to the hamam their wages shall not be cut and shall continue to receive their daily wages as usual. The poor were granted money by the government. The Stockholm Jewish Community, represented by the founding leaders and the chief rabbis, getting anxious by the news coming from Palestine, is confident you shall not withhold anything possible for the welfare of our suffering coreligionist people; and has no doubt that your determination shall be beneficial.

Summary of the notification: Those institutions are authorized to carry out bacteriological examinations, and inoculation activities. His testimony is read aloud. This order is a supplement to the order — dated December 11,and numbered — issued by the 4th Army Command. All the schools shall be closed until further orders. The Office of Aleppo Logistics Support Regional Inspectorate is responsible for providing of clean and regular rooms for these women to sleep in comfort.

He released all our friends detained in the barracks and in the prison. I believe it is the right time for a careful consideration and realization of the relocation of most of them in other parts of the country, or for their being rendered inoffensive if they are to continue living where they are now.

A stick to beat the cushions When the accused, Armenak of the Kesmenan family, who was found to be guilty, invited in and asked about it he denied what he said. In fact, no one has left Palestine. General Headquarters 6th Division To: Military authorities shall comply with the stipulations of the decisions taken, and are responsible for providing the most help possible.


In submitting the truth to you, I hereby request your informing the local press, and if possible the European press and the European public opinion. Message dated July 28, These regulations shall be distributed to every house and be plastered on the walls on the crowded streets egmeni corners by Saturday.

Director of Provincial Health Lt. Therefore, as there is no legal obligation for including such punishments — which do not affect promotions, and which will be erased following the promotion of the offenders — informing the relative parties in writ should be avoided, but it is hereby suggested that they should be mentioned in the personal records kept at the regiments.

Director of Public Health at Aleppo shall submit the regulations issued for the protection of the townspeople from epidemics by tomorrow morning. All of the Armenian men and women relocated in Aleppo for a long time shall be transferred from Aleppo to new destinations within 5 days.

July 29, Rejoinder to the code dated July 4, The necessary documents, pertaining to the Armenians, that are proven true, have been conveyed to the foreign authorities via our embassies abroad, and have been announced in the foreign press.

Ermeni Tehciri Genel Kurmay Arşivi | BilalHayri Doğan –

Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate As I left my orderly, who was of no help, in Istanbul an orderly is appointed today ; and to compensate the two other soldiers caught plague on their way I request the appointing techiri three soldiers. When they were asked about the charges, they all denied the charges directed at them. Zaharaki Bey Halep Askeriyeden emeklidir.

The documentary publication Armenian Activities in the Archive Documents is a product of the vision put forward. The Supreme Command holds the tehhciri Army Command fully responsible for providing of food and hot meals for the orphans at appropriate points.

In order to win the hearts of the Christian community, I hereby request the publication of the telegram sent, and keeping of tegciri copy, and to declare such news is false. The Office of Aleppo Logistics Support Inspectorate is responsible for providing of clean and regular rooms for these women to sleep in comfort. Ohannes also claimed that although the organization had a certain team-organization that was established in accordance with the program devised in London, he had never taken part in it.

The crowds of relocated Armenians pause a great deal of problem to the military transportation and to the surrounding towns, at the train stations where they wait for days before they leave the vilayets or sanjaks. In fact, no Jewish person was executed, ermeeni than the three soldiers who committed extremely heavy offences, since the beginning of the war.

Chief of Medical Staff A copy of this telegram message has been submitted to a higher authority and the report pertaining to the execution is presented. The 1st Logistics Support Commissariat in Jerusalem has purchased beds out of 1.