5/2 double solenoid 4/2 double solenoid. Constructional design Poppet valve. Piston spool. Pneumatic connection QS4/6. QS4/6/8/ Flow rate. l/min. è Internet: Solenoid/pneumatic valves, Tiger Classic. • Electrically or pneumatically actuated valves. • With internal or external pilot. /07 – Subject to change. 3 è Prozess Automation. Table of contents. Pilot valves >. Page. Solenoid valves VSNC. 6.

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White paper on piston spool valves and poppet valves. Fast-switching valves Catalogue information fast-switching valves Fast-switching valves.

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Valves in the catalogue Valves on the Support Portal. Pneumatic control elements Range festo solenoid valve catalogue variants and functions Standard and industry solutions Function integration Quick and easy commissioning. Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves Electrically actuated individual valves Process and media valves Certifications for valves All product finders for valves in the catalogue.

Festo has always been committed to a high standard of quality and supplies valves with up to million switching cycles worldwide.

FESTO Solenoid valve ISO 5/2, MDH series | ERIKS shop BE

Combine motion and fluid control. At Festo solenoid valve catalogue you’ll find directional control valves, proportional valves, safety valves, standards-based valves, fast-switching valves, media valves and process valves, actuated either electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually.

Valves are like the executive body in the control process. These valves are used in all industry segments, from the food and packaging industry to the automotive and electronics industries, and from the wood and textile industry to process automation.

Find out more about Application examples of media valves. Valves on the Support Portal.

Festo – catalog

A broad range of proportional pressure regulators and proportional directional control valves Festo solenoid valve catalogue about proportional technology. Quality at an attractive price White paper: At Festo, you can get media valves, process valves and automation technology from a single source. Catalogue information fast-switching valves.

Making the right valve easy to find: Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves.

An overview of the valve series from Festo. Individual valves for your automation tasks Valves are like the executive body in the control process.

Cataogue the right valve for you in the catalogue: They largely determine the dynamic response and at the same time have to be able to withstand high dynamic forces themselves. That’s why valves need to be sturdy, durable and reliable. Shut-off, pressure festo solenoid valve catalogue and flow control valves.

Valves in the catalogue. For all standard tasks: Product finder for valves.