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Fisher™ FIELDVUE™ DVCf Digital Valve For more than 20 years, Fisher products have been manufactured with DVC Digital Valve Controller. Fisher r. FIELDVUE™ DVC Digital Valve. Controllers. Quick Start Guide The DVC digital valve controller instruction manual (DX) can be . Note. This guide provides installation, and initial setup and calibration information for DVC SIS digital valve controllers. The following documents are also.

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Fisher DVC6000 – Digital Smart Positioner

Tvl Acum Alrt Enab 2. Contact your Supply and output pressure gauges may be supplied Emerson Process Management sales office for on the digital valve controller. Replacing the Module Base. Turn on fisjer Field Communicator. Failure to DVC digital valve controller. Proc anagement Process Management.

Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Instruction Manual

Place the instrument In Service and verify that the calibrated. Analog In Calib 2. Refer to figures through for key number locations. Configuring for throttling control using valvelink software 4 pages. Ready for a quote?

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC SIS Digital Valve Controller | Haygor Instrument & Company, Inc.

Connect one wire of the 3-conductor shielded cable between terminal 1 on the feedback unit and terminal D Emerson Process Management fieher 1 on the base unit. Detailed Setup Sensor Alerts point, the supply pressure alert is active. Please leave this field empty. Maintenance and Troubleshooting 0. Rotary and long-stroke sliding-stem Medium: Technical support is available. Instrument will not 3h.

Analog In Range Lo 4. Factory Default Settings values listed in table Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Capacitance Conductor to Conductor 1 KHz: Check mounting and feedback arm adjustments, and inst supply pressure.

Communication Connections Installation Test Connections Communication Connections WARNING WARNING Personal injury or dvc60000 damage Personal injury or property damage caused by fire or explosion may occur caused by fire or explosion may occur if this connection is fiisher in a if this connection is attempted in a potentially explosive atmosphere, or potentially explosive atmosphere or in in an area that has been classified as Nitrile standard Linear Actuators with rated travel between 6.

Burst Setting mode applies only to the transmission of burst mode Instrument Time Invalid Enable data analog input, travel target, pressure, and travel Calibration in Progress Enable and does not affect the way other data is accessed.

The contents of this publication are presented for informational purposes only, and while every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they are not. Connect the second wire of the 3-conductor Replace and tighten the base unit cover. Auto Calib Travel 5.

Digltal Adjust Pressure Calib! Non-Critical NVM Flsher alert is indicated if the checksum for data, which are not critical for instrument operation, has failed. Valve signature test — Test benchmarks valve operation by determining spring rate, seating forces, friction and bench set. Remote Travel Sensor Connections 4.

Travel Accum Alert 4. The output pressure information on obtaining a Natural Gas Certified, gauges can be used as an aid for calibration. Detailed Setup Table Auto Calib Travel 3. Valve Serial Num 6.

Stroke Valve Detailed Setup! Pneumatic Relay Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Device Revision Crossover Point Revision number of the interface software that The point at which the feedback pin is closest to permits communication between the Field the fishef of rotation of the travel sensor.