2 Sep Cover of first U.S. edition of ‘An Introduction to General Systems Thinking’ The complete substitution of theory for observation is, of course, not. Gerald Marvin (Jerry) Weinberg (born October 27, ) is an American computer scientist, author and teacher of the psychology and anthropology of computer software development. His most well-known books are The Psychology of Computer Programming and Introduction to General Systems Thinking. For more than twenty-five years, An Introduction to General Systems Thinking has been hailed as an innovative introduction to systems theory, with applications.

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Apr 01, John Blevins rated it really liked it.

Gerald weinberg system theory Bohm leaves off, pleading for a more carefully structured approach towards understanding the process of thought, Weinberg gladly picks up both the trail and the mantle. Used in university courses and professional seminars all over the world, the text syystem proven its ability to open General, Knowledge, Conduct, and Ethics on the silver anniversary edition As one can tell from the title, this is not a new book — it is a classic.

Gerald Weinberg

Thanks for wystem us about the problem. Retrieved June 5, Many of these could be term-paper topics involving reading other articles or books.

Rather, the underlying utility is only recoverable through the process of independent, gerald weinberg system theory potentially guided, discovery.

Anyway, the principles and “laws” Weinberg introduces are something I intend to revisit. It is Although it has been more gerald weinberg system theory three years March 9, since I first purchased Weinberg’s book, “An Introduction to General Systems Thinking”, in many ways it represents the perfect compliment to the works, “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” and “An Introduction to Special Relativity” — both written sytsem David Bohm.

Bill rated it it was amazing Jul 12, It is about how humans organize, synthesize, and put order to their universe…. We must be as little children, for we have much evidence that children learn most of their more complex ideas in just this manner, first forming a general impression of the whole and gerald weinberg system theory then passing down to more particular discriminations.

Jan 30, Adam Zethraeus gerald weinberg system theory it liked it. I liked the approach but hated the reading of the book. This is after all why a good maths teacher will attempt to give you more context for a theory than just its corresponding formulae.

With helpful illustrations, numerous end-of-chapter gerald weinberg system theory, and an appendix on a mathematical notation used in problem-solving, An Introduction to General Systems Thinking may be your most powerful tool in working with problems, systems, and solutions. This one though is a completely different beast.

There are some quite interesting “problems” at the end of each chapter giving a situation in some field and asking the reader to apply the principles of that chapter to the situation. This book opened my eyes to many interesting directions and spheres I wasn’t aware of. Look for gerald weinberg system theory at AddAll. It is partly about the philosophy and mechanisms of science; partly about designing things so they work but mostly it is about how humans view the world and create things that match that view.

Weinberg is well known for an engaging style of writing that calls upon his own humorous aphorisms, such as his Law of Twins, which states that theoey of the time, no matter how much effort one expends, no event of any great gerald weinberg system theory will result.

Gerald Weinberg – Wikipedia

This is great and the erudition of the author is impressive. I am more interested in system thinking to apply to creating complex creations. Take, as Weinberg does, the example of the two classic approaches to understanding a system: Go to just about any page, and you will find some question that can lead you to hours or days of thinking.

As “The Law of Medium Numbers” puts it: Feb 05, Thirumal Rao rated it really liked it. I recommend it to all; it will cause both scientists and nonscientists to examine their world and their thinking. Go out into a large open field — if you can still find one — lie on your back, and gaze up at the clouds gerald weinberg system theory an hour or so.

Or, codified as The Lump Law:. Weinberg has published more than 40 books and more than articles. It is important to note that this is a book about General Systems “Thinking”, and xystem just another book on general systems theory. And if theologians saw every miracle as a miracle, there would be no religion, because every miracle belongs to the set weiinberg all miracles, and thus is not entirely unique. Worth coming gerald weinberg system theory at least once, potentially 5-star.

Sometimes I found myself moving slowly through sentences trying The book is excellent and deep. There are weingerg discussion topics on gerald weinberg system theory book yet. I read a couple of Weinberg’s books. This one is about “systems”, in a very general sense.

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