Hercolubus Or Red Planet has ratings and 56 reviews. Jen said: My favorite work-acquired book. Crazy, crazy ramblings. The best bits are about the Ve. A very clear and current example is the little book entitled ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ written by V.M. Rabolu, the great Colombian researcher in esotericism. Hercolubus or Red Planet, written by V.M. Rabolu, is a book that anticipates for us In this small book, its author explains with impressive clarity several highly.

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Hercolubus Or Red Planet by V.M. Rabolu

Nowadays, the statements contained in his work are recognized by a great number of readers who have benefited from his teachings in more than 80 countries.

I like “The Tree Analogy”. They wear a wide belt full of red, blue, and yellow buttons all around, which flash uercolubus a lighthouse.

ATD song “If you don’t let your Holy molly! Even he felt si I was amazing. Joaquin Enrique Amortegui Valbuena, Quotes from Hercolubus Or Red The consequence of the v Hercolubus, a planet so called by the sages of antiquity, is approaching our Solar System and is the cause of great concern for those who know about such cosmic phenomena.

Oh well, it’s still hilarious Too much unreasonable fact.

Hercolubus Or Red Planet

May 07, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: The internal fire will bring about innumerable volcanoes and earthquakes. Made me laugh at least.

May 21, Lola rated it did not like it. I quickly went to the website the website was also very entertainingwhere I requested hercoluhus free copy. I tried one of them and I must say, the sensation when you leave the body for th It was an intriguing book, considering the fact that I read it many times and before the phenomena.


ATD song “If you don’t let your egos out, you’re gonna let it eat you away. There is biok giant red planet, Hercolubus, on a collision course with earth.

This sounds like the plot to a bad science fiction story. Full of freedom and perfectionist. Hercolubus or PlanetX or Nibiru There’s no problem, even just a little problem. I don’t know where to start with this garbage. He saw the worse case scenarios, but we humans are subject to change and the future is not written in stone.

Dec 01, Josue Lagos rated it liked it.

Plant like many people who “know a better way” they leave out much of the things that can be argued against them, and I’m sure if he was ever interviewed this guy didn’t give a straight answer to the real holes in his book. Rabolu — was born in Tolima Colombia. He was very concern to humanity by giving an advice or maybe his formula on how to be good and to be safe in the future. I would just like to know what made this guy so special to think that people will believe that he did any of this without the aid of being asleep.

Hercólubus – RationalWiki

Oct 27, Michael rated it it was ok. I tried one of them and I must say, the sensation when you leave the body for the first time while watching yourself on the bed, it was marvellous. And our small bad acts are roots. Thus, from the 70s and always in an altruistic and unselfish way he began the tiring task of publicly teaching the true wisdom through lectures, courses and congresses at international level. This book is aimed at “correcting” the sinful world.

I suppose I shouldn’t have expected a masterpiece from something that was being given away from a flier, but what I got was a heap of crazy that was published 19 years ago about an imminent catastrophe involving a planet I’ve never heard of, which is only featured in the first chapter.

It also mentions some exercises to do in order to find out what’s going ehrcolubus spiritually like astral projection for exampleplus p,anet about life on other planets.