Developmental response of the mahogany shootborer, Hypsipyla grandella ( Zeller), to temperature was determined in laboratory trials in Turrialba, Costa Rica. The mahogany shoot borer, Hypsipyla grandella,is one of the most of Female and Male Hypsipyla grandella (Zeller) to Swietenia macrophylla Essential Oils. J Chem Ecol. Sep;29(9) Electrophysiological responses of female and male Hypsipyla grandella (Zeller) to Swietenia macrophylla essential oils.

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Honduras mahogany, or big-leaf mahogany S.

mahogany shoot borer – Hypsipyla grandella (Zeller)

Hypsipyla shoot borers in Meliaceaae. Growth of larvae reared on a synthetic diet, p. Response to temperature was assessed by exposing H.

Cedros are fast growing and are large trees at maturity. Supernumerary instars have been reported for H.

Some contact insecticides that are effective against other twig borers have been field tested to reduce damage by mahogany shoot borer without success. Although there has been some interest in such techniques as augmentation of natural enemy populations, biological control of the mahogany shoot borer does not seem a promising option reviewed by Sands and Murphy For instance, available zellr on the H.

Mahogany in the Brazilian Amazon: EntwistleBecker Prospects for biological control of Hypsipyla spp. Thus, the most vulnerable H.

He suggested, however, that chemical control of these pests might be applicable to nursery situations. Hypsipyla grandella Zeller, uma praga da silvicultura Lep. Larval development takes place typically through six range five to seven instars Entwistle Mature larvae are about 25 mm long.

In the case of H. University of Washington, Seattle, 77p.

Mahogany shoot borers also attack seed capsules of mahoganies and cedros. In testing mahoganies and cedros of different geographical origins, hypispyla damage has been seen in some selections. A mass of reddish-brown frass intertwined with the insect’s silk protrudes from the tunnel entrance.

The color of the eggs changes from white to red within grandeola first 12 hours after oviposition. West Indies mahogany, Swietenia mahagoniseed capsules and their parts damaged by mahogany shoot borer, Hypsipyla grandella Zeller.

In southern Zellre, where the zelper of new growth of West Indies mahogany takes place from April to June Howard and Solismahogany shoot borers attack shoots from early spring to mid-summer, with pronounced peaks in May Howard In fact, repeated topical applications of azadirachtin neem seed extractan insect antifeedant, to young mahogany trees during the principal period of mahogany shoot attack in Florida April-May reduced the incidence of damage Howardbut later a similar experiment was inconclusive Howard, unpublished.

West Indies mahogany, Swietenia mahagoni. During the Colonial Period in the Caribbean Region, West Indies mahogany was extensively logged, after which the more extensively distributed Honduras mahogany on the mainland of the Americas became the major source of mahogany timber.

Biological activity of Ruta chalepensis Rutaceae and Sechium pittieri Cucurbitaceae extracts on Hypsipyla grandella Lepidoptera: Furthermore, it precludes using degree-day approaches WigglesworthPruess to predict field population peaks of this pest, in order to improve timing for application of management tactics.

Moth Photographers Group – Hypsipyla grandella –

Two hundred fresh eggs less than 24h old were placed individually inside glass flasks, and exposed to seven constant temperatures 10, Flasks were turned upside down and each egg was placed above the disk.

The former is distributed throughout the neotropics, whereas H. Methods of growing mahoganies in plantations as a way of lessening the impact of logging on natural forests are urgently needed LambNewton et al. West Indies mahogany, Swietenia mahagoniseed capsule damaged by mahogany shoot borer, Hypsipyla grandella Zeller. Acknowledgements Back uypsipyla Top We thank Dr.

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There was a sex ratio bias to females at the two extreme temperatures, whereas at the intermediate temperatures the proportion of both sexes was nearly equal Table 5.

The constant-temperature regimes in our study did not mimic the diurnal variation occurring in H. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 7: