It’s a thin line between love and hate. When it shatters, watch out As a teen, Sydney Boyle’s crush on her foster parents’ son—despite their six-year age. All about Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Chapter One Unbroken powdered meadows stretched as far as the eye could see. Snow so pure and undisturbed it gave Sydney Boyle the impression she was.

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Unease forced her from his arms. It felt very rushed and shallow.

Review: Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade

With each trembling breath she dragged in his cologne, a touch of evergreen, amber and musk that made her dizzy. Cupping her breasts, he plucked at her nipples, pinching and teasing, until her body shook.

Maybe it was time to quit—move on. As she continued to glare at him, he felt his temper spark. Small jets continued, until he collapsed on the bed, blowing out a noisy sigh.

She gazed into the eyes of the man she loved. Sam swallowed, but the cottony taste lingered, irresisyible to get past the golf ball-size knot in her throat. With the stream of fire that shot up her core, a strangled cry squeezed from her throat. Sydney wore a broad smile for the cowboy bby stroked his palms down her arms until he held her hands in his. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Where can I read it? Before she could retreat, Sean grasped her hand and drew her to him.

Irresistible by Mackenzie McKade – FictionDB

Devastated, she fled Oregon for Phoenix. We have Sydney, who joined a family as a foster child when she was around twelve Slowly she turned to face him. The fullness of his cock moving in and out of her body, the slap of his powerful thighs on the backs of hers, only served to drive her deeper into the dark world of surrender.

His large palms smoothed up and down her arms, before pulling her closer. Nothing could be as good as this. They all did, and that included Sydney. Curling her fingers into his sweater, she clung to him as if he were her anchor. Convincing her that they are meant to be will test his control and her resolve.

Her mouth opened to thank him, when suddenly a hand on her shoulder spun her around. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Afraid to open her eyes, she fought desperately to dismiss the obvious.

But now they’re both adults. She fought for a sense of balance. Releasing a guttural cry, he dug his fingers into her hips, melding them together, before he joined her in ecstasy. Copyright C www. With ease he maneuvered her into a turn and back into his arms. Her tongue whirled around the bulbous rim, and then slid over the sensitive slit, pushing a hiss from between his lips.


This will crush Mom. Now if he irresistibble only live up to it. It took her a moment to clean up and get her emotions under control. Neither of them spoke, as if they both sensed speech would break the enchantment, and reality would ruin the moment. Emotion thickened in her throat with the thought of mckxde the only stable life she had ever known. But it’s all tension between Sydney and Sean until Sean can’t stand it anymore and finally makes a move and declares his interest in Sydney.

His cock hardened with each wicked thought of touching her—kissing her.

But it was her breasts, which fit perfectly in his palms, that called to him. Old habits were hard to break. I will not have Mom catching you feeling me up on her family-room couch. That something growing larger beneath her was real.

Man, he just kept digging himself deeper and deeper.