Energy and Equity (Ideas in Progress) [Ivan Illich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A junkie without access to his stash is in a state of crisis. ENERGY AND EQUITY∗. Ivan Illich. “El socialismo puede llegar sólo en bicicleta . He felt that a term as little known and as technical as “energy crisis” had no. This book looks at energy from the perspective of a person with no interest in the present system. Illich looks at energy as a divisive element in our modern.

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The Industrialization of Traffic. Tom rated it it was amazing Aug 26, School instructs them in their own inferiority through the equigy collector who makes them pay for it, or through the qnd who raises their expectations of it, or through their children once the latter are hooked on it.

Children belong in school. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. The EU and the Knowledge Economy. The ‘Brain Drain’ problem: It blocks mobility by cluttering up the environment with vehicles and roads. School gives unlimited opportunity for legitimated waste, so long as its destructiveness goes unrecognized and the cost of palliatives goes up.

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Some Christian centuries did not even have an eye for its bodily proportions. We forget, however, that our present concept of “childhood” developed only recently in Western Europe and more recently still in the Americas. Orphans, idiots, and schoolteachers’ sons learn most of what they learn outside the “educational” process planned for them. Education which makes vian need the product is included in the price of the product.

He indoctrinates the pupil about what is right or wrong, not only in school but also in society at large. This defense constitutes the crucial public task for political action during the eighties.

Humanity, What a Story! Should Government Help Your Neighbor? Unlike production processes which identify satisfaction with the mere act of consumption, these networks serve a purpose beyond their own repeated use.

Modern warfare has become a highly professional enterprise whose business is killing. A community can choose between Methadone and “cold turkey” – between maintaining its addiction to alien energy and kicking it in painful cramps – but no society can have a population that is hooked on progressively larger numbers of energy slaves and whose members are also autonomously active”. Classroom attendance removes children from the everyday world of Western culture and plunges them into an environment far more primitive, magical, and deadly serious.

Teachers have made a poor showing in their attempts at increasing learning among the poor.

Growing up through childhood means being condemned to a process of inhuman conflict between self-awareness and the role imposed by a society going through its own school age. Books illkch Ivan Illich. Some words become so flexible that they cease to be useful.

Teachers are by no means the only professionals who offer therapy. A teacher who combines these three powers contributes to the warping of the child much more than the laws which establish his legal or economic minority, or restrict his right to free assembly or abode. Back in the ‘s riding a bicycle around Dallas was a pretty scary thing if you were doing anything other amd hanging out in your own neighborhood. Along the way he gives a startling analysis of the marginal disutility of tools.

The manipulative institutions of the right are either socially or psychologically “addictive. Only with the advent of industrial society did the mass production of “childhood” become feasible and come within the reach of the masses. Its peace-keeping potential depends on its ability to convince friend and foe of the nation’s unlimited death-dealing power.

Institutional wisdom tells us that children learn in school. Dnergy is totally different for us. Sewage systems, drinking water, parks, and sidewalks are institutions men use without having to be institutionally convince that it is to their advantage to do so.

I call them “convivial” and suggest placing them at the left of an institutional spectrum, ivsn to show that there are institutions which fall between the extremes and to illustrate how historical institutions can change color as they shift from facilitating activity to organizing production. Inexorably we cultivate, treat, produce, and school the world out of existence. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points!


Unfortunately the importance of this transformation has been overlooked or belittled by political ecology so far. Guide to Robert B.

Only participatory democracy creates the conditions for rational technology. They also produce the demand for multilane highways, bridges, and oilfields. Education as a result of teaching, is always a commodity, a service and as such is scarce. Further energy affluence means increased concentration of control over that energy with all its attendant political consequences.

Paperback84 pages.

Energy and equity – Ivan Illich – Google Books

Schoolteachers and ministers are the only professionals who feel entitled to pry into the private affairs of their clients at the same time as they eqiity to a captive audience. Beyond a certain threshold of speed 25mph or sothe gap widens between the haves and the have-nots, and it actually degrades society.

The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism. In short, walkers do not consume passenger-miles.

Illich looks at simple ways to govern the use of energy so that it is equitable, available to all equally. Old, New, and Global. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! How to write a great review.