6 May Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a newbie or even just someone with a passing interest in advertising, John Caples’ book Tested. As it turns out, John Caples (one of the most famous copyrighters of all time) put together a list of 35 headline formulas in his book, Tested Advertising Methods. Here are all the proven selling techniques to remove the guesswork from advertising, making it a science of sure results. From writing the headline to making the.

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Tested Advertising Methods

This includes the appeal used and the method of expressing that appeal. The judges are not buyers. John loved his new job and learned fast.

I want that kind I saw advertised in the newspapers last week. Often I’ve wondered, lying awake at night, why some of the men we know have gone ahead while you haven’t — men who haven’t any more brains and aren’t half as nice as you.

When people consider new products or services, they want to know how their lives will improve. One of my favorites. Pages with related products. Let the manufacturer speak directly to the reader. Then, perhaps we can formulate the test of a good headline. They get the story to you in a few short words.

Tested advertising advertisign John Caples Snippet view – It was an advertisement for a household insect repellent showing a picture of a woman smiling and winking one eye.

Lars Lofgren September 9,5: Here is the actual advertisement: And then, at the end, mefhods teaches you how to test and key your ads in a much more simplified version–but still massively effective–than a book like Scientific Advertising. I feel we are in a period when the interesting headline is more indicated than ever before.

The 35 Headline Formulas of John Caples

Here are 13 proven pointers for writing suc- cessful headlines: You were going to work so hard and get ahead so fast, remember? Every sales tag had a detachable twsted key that was manually keypunched, then laboriously — and nois- ily — sorted by the earliest “programmers. Another type of copy that testing has shown to be ineffective is copy that talks in tester terms and fails to get to the point, like this ad for an investment plan: Right and Wrong Methods of Writing Headlines 31 2.

First and foremost, try to get self-interest into every headline you write. More important still, it has made possible the only free method for the large scale manufacture of goods on a mass basis. Here is the headline of an advertisement that was tested by a correspondence school: Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. He went on to pioneer other forms of testing, then shared what he learned in articles and books such as Tested Advertising Methods, in my opinion as a teacher and author, still the best basic book on advertising copy.

A book on copywriting and obtaining results that is as relevant as ever. Where to advertise 2. To think that this was written in the 60’s is just phenomenal. Long before laser scanning, your editor worked on one of the first such systems, at Orbach’s in New York City.

Tested Advertising Methods : John Caples :

Build upon everything you learn fi-om testing to create an ever- stronger system that you return to with each new project. The person who submits a dozen answers in a prize contest has 38 Chapter 4 a better chance of winning than the person who writes only one answer.

But now make a small change in Ad No.

Spread the word “Introducing” or “Announcing” clear across the page in large type. Does your brand identity stand out from the crowd?

Information without sales talk. The inventive “Fine 4WD” is a sure winner too!

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn (, Paperback, Revised) | eBay

The first four words uttered, “Let there he light,” constitute its character All nature is vibrant with its impulse. Best sunglasses for meadvertising and promotion books. Be the only supplier to use consumer advertising to speak directly to prospective and new mothers.

Dearest, it’s gone on a long time now. Notice the coupon in a typical mail-order advertisement.

Inquiry retums show that the headline is 50 to 75 percent of the jhn tisement. Often a headline may have two meanings, one of which you do not suspect. Those who are advertisin testing their advertise- ments to find out how much actual business each advertisement brings in, for example, mail order advertisers, classified adver- tisers, and department stores.

They paint the dark side of the picture. Do people read adver- tisements backwards? The copywriter could have written the headline this way: Maybe just a couple if you are a fast reader as I am. The advertjsing thing better than everything. What you say is more important than how you say it. Return to Book Page. He has written scores of remarkable advertisements.

Here is a complete list of the 35 formulas discussed in this chapter.