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such as fishing vessels, mobile test labs, transport vehicles, and vibrating production facilities. See: CS10 for the brochure. Price: $1, Product ID FD Infrared Moisture Determination Balance FD Kett. (This product is discontinued). Click here to view the alternative product. Price: Contact Request for. Moisture Analyser Kett FD Contact us for pricing, features and informations. IROM Italia, plants for the processing of rice and cereals.

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KETT – advance siam tech

Our modern world is full of objects made of metals. Even removing power will not cause memory loss. Convenient automatic measuring mode In automatic mode, the turntable begins rotating immediately after the sample is place on it and the measurement begins.

Examplesare wheat and rice flour, starch, calcium carbonate, salt, sugar, and pharmaceuticals. Replace your manual inspection stations and the time consuming analysis needed by your QA team with a krtt automated solution.

Monitoring Kegiatan Pembelian Barang. The Kett KB30 is the world’s smallest and lightest in-line system. This ration is used to determine the amount of constituents within the sample. Further, in addition to measuring the moisture content of fresh concrete, the HI is also capable of measuring the surface moisture of fine aggregate.

It is also possible to call up the calibration curves of the original 16 tree species. Kett offers a collection of standard ketr generally only available on highpriced units. When the red circle of light 10mm is within the white circle 25mm then the instrument is mm from the object and at the correct measuring distance. Samples are placed in a drying tube and heatis applied. Measurements are started by simply loading a sample into the sample case.

Special FeaturesBest for CanolaThe fe sample volume of the PM means it is lessaffected by “green” seeds in Canola, than many other smallgrain To measure constituents, at least filters with different wavelengths should be used.

Simple analytical curve selection Five different analytical curves can be programmed into the F1 through F5 keys. The KB30 continues the use Legendary Kettmeasurement accuracy is provided in a size to fit most applications. It watches samples and reflectance and transmittance scan like human eye does.

Furthermore, depending on the sample type, unpleasant odors kert sometimes be emitted during moisture measurement. Small errors inmeasurement can have significant repercussions. The unique Bias function allows adjustment to the data Ket by other measureing methods or other testers. The base unit has been modeled after the PB-1D2 rice and grain moisture tester which is used by many companies and is highly valued for its precision and durability.

Integrated microprocessors allow the measurement Small and light The unit is lightweight 1. As previously mentioned, by usingthe optional serial or USB data cable test Specifications Sample size Power source Dimensions Weight 50 rice grain or more 4pcs. Alphanumeric characters, symbols External communications: PM is very portable thus can be used immediately at any location.

Infrared Composition Meter – Online Process Instant Non-Contact Process Measurement This simple-to-use device allows the user to measure the various chemical compo- nents of virtually any liquid or solid, without product preparation or degradation. The KTEF enables measurement with both transmittance and reflectance. Self diagnostic function The sensor head can be remotely monitored for information such as reflectance voltages, reference wavelengths, temperature and humidity.

Of course, you can also measure domestic polished and brown rice with this unit. The filters pass specific wavelengths of light which are absobed by component as well as reference wavelengths. Two light sources are used, a red and a white. Infrared Composition Meter – Fiber Optic VersionInstant Non-Contact Process MeasurementThis simple-to-use device allows the user to measure the various chemical componentsof virtually any liquid or solid, without product preparation or degradation.

Number of fv curves: This tester displays the component quality of rice, and we believe it is the optimal measuring device for quality control for rice producers, rice processers and wholesalers to scientifically manage the taste of rice.

Small errors in measurement rd have very large repercussions.

Kett | FD Electronic Moiseture Balance – Karya Mandiri Instrument indonesia

Kett offers a collection of programs to meet most requirements: Understanding historical performance trends, cyclical rhythms, periodic failures, and the impact of changes in component, process, and environmental conditions permit the prediction The optical system measures the absorbance of the material in seconds and automatically converts it into percent moisture.

Adopting Capacitance as measuring principle, the average moisture up to 30mm thickness can be obtained. Equipped with high accuracy analytical balance and new designed long life 20, to 30, hours Mid-wave Infrared quartz heater and 6 different measurement modes.

Using the principle of near-infrared reflectance, items such as moisture, fat, Industry- standard Unscrambler X lett Grain Moisture Tester Model PB series The PB is a rice and grain moisture tester intended for the purpose of measuring the moisture content of imported rice. However, if, moisture in the spot where epoxy should be injected is high, satisfactory adhesion can not be expected, thus this moisture meter has been developed based on the project planned by Ministry of Keyt.

Further, high moisture content in the stuffing can also be the cause of fungi and decay. Using Near-Infrared Reflectance NIRthese robust instruments provide instantmeasurements on production lines, in process vessels, or in stationary settings.