Operating instructions, Kx-ta, Kx-ta • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic KX-TA User Manual. Panasonic KX-TA • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Installation Manual MODEL. KX-TA KX-TA Please read this manual before connecting the Advanced Hybrid System. System Highlights System Capacity.

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Panasonic KX-TA616 Manuel D’Utilisation

FG Connects the unit frame and the earth ground conductor of the AC power cord. Contents Section 5 Appendix Default Values Any extension can be appointed as Important Information Satisfactory performance cannot be guaranteed for each combination of host and subsidiary equipment.

Page Features When the assigned time period in program [] expires, the system sends a short beep to the caller. Features A Section 3 Features Section 6 Troubleshooting While Installing Features Outside Calling Allows an extension user to make a call to an external party by using one of the following line access methods. Features Station Hunting If a called extension is busy, Station Hunting redirects the incoming call to an idle extension in an extension group in numerical order. Alternative energy sources Antenna amplifiers Antennas Antennas.

PANASONIC KX-TA/AG. Download Schematic diagram, service manual, EEPROM, user manual of phone

This allows the system to recognize the special user-dialed carrier code. When the line is free. Unplug the system during wiring. Pickup Dialing Features Pickup Dialing Allows a single line telephone user to make an outgoing call by going off-hook, if the user has stored the telephone number up to 32 digits beforehand.

When the time expires, the system starts to redirect the call to the programmed extension s.

Denied Calls Excepted Calls No restriction. There are 5 toll restriction COS numbers available. System Speed Dialing Boundary Class Busy or No Answer: System Restart causes the following. The time is assigned in program [].

Pdf Download | Panasonic KX-TA User Manual ( pages)

Features External Feature Access Allows an extension user to access special features e. Do not obstruct area around the system for reasons of maintenance and inspection — be especially careful to allow space for cooling above and at the sides of the system.

A System Speed Dial number is dialed out using a simple operation. Call Park Features Call Park Allows an extension user to place a held call into a system parking area.

Features Outgoing Message OGM Allows the extension assigned as an operator or manager to record up to 2 outgoing voice messages maximum 30 seconds each.

Thank you manial purchasing a Panasonic Telephone System. System Programming []-[] []-[] Toll Restriction — Classes 2 through 5 Denied Codes Assigns up to 20 toll call numbers which are mamual to make an outside CO calls on a class of service COS basis for each program.

Insert the grounding wire user- supplied. If screws other than the ones supplied are used, use screws with the same diameter as the ones enclosed.

Uses the internal music source equipped with the system. Connect the line cords to the terminal board or the modular jacks from the Central Office. Follow the steps for a KX-T Features Volume Control Allows a proprietary telephone user to adjust the following volumes, as kanual, by adjusting the corresponding levers or pressing the corresponding buttons. The canceling depends on the Call All incoming calls are forwarded to another extension.

The option to print the manual has also been provided, and you can use it by clicking the link above – Print the manual. External Pager Paging Kx-ta61 Connection Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Panasonic KX-TA System Components Model No.

Telephone number 32 digits mxnual.

Operations Describes the features and Busy Call The call is sent to Disconnect. Complete all the required extension wiring.