24 Nov Some of the ones that stood out to me as especially soul-crushing. These are all real letters from German Soldiers of the Sixth Army before they. Last Letters from Stalingrad (German: Letzte Briefe aus Stalingrad) is an anthology of letters from German soldiers who took part in the Battle for Stalingrad. 3 Feb At the end of February, the Russian 3D film, “Stalingrad,” will have a . there is only enough ammunition to last until evening; the soldiers have.

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Dozhd TV channel taken off air in some markets.

Last Letters from Stalingrad

Michael Dorosh rated it really liked it Jul 05, The weather is getting worse and worse. Sono gli ultimi giorni a Stalingrado, che diventa stalinyrad trappola per topi di gelo e stenti. We dehumanize every aspect of war and it’s tsalingrad shame. Published March 20th by Praeger first published Portion of the testimony of captured Captain Kurt Mandelhelm, commander of the 2nd Battalion of the th Infantry Regiment of the th Infantry Division, and his adjutant, Lieutenant Karl Gottschaldt, January 15, Clothing freezes on our bodies.

The introduction by retired U. We killed thousands of Russians and Jews with wives and children around Kiev and Kharkov.

And I can see why they would have, to show how difficult German soldiers had it during the war, that they suffered as well. Oftentimes the losing side is seen as this inhumane evil, but these letters make the men who were on the losing side loads more real.

RuzhyoNov 24, The letters penned by the German soldiers as the Battle of Stalingrad raged on around them were infused with candor. Nevertheless, he asked his wife to pass on a message of love and farewell to his mistress.

Letters from the Battle of Stalingrad – Russia Beyond

Views Read Edit View history. Reading the reviews on this, I noticed people saying that the German government may have fabricated these letters for propaganda purposes.

Yet they also supported and fought for the Nazi regime whose desire tfor lebensraum and vilification of the Jews and other “undesirables” sent them into the hell of Stalingrad and ultimately their deaths or imprisonment. Nov 24, 9. They evidently decided to bury us in this hellish place once and for all.

The weather is getting worse and worse. A wide range of people were depicted in this slim book. I was fascinated to learn of their pre-war occupations.

Revisiting the Battle of Stalingrad through German Letters

Last edited by RuzhyoNov 25, In just the last two days, our battalion has lost 60 killed, injured fdom frostbitten men; more than 30 men have escaped; there is only enough ammunition to last until lsat the soldiers have not eaten at all in three days, and many of them have frostbitten feet. Last Letters from Stalingrad German: Nov 24, 5.

On the morning of January 10 we read a pamphlet that contained an ultimatum. The Battle of Stalingrad ended seventy one years ago — on February 2, — after exactly five months, a week and three days of incessant fighting.

Last edited by MisterFrymanNov 24, Making up for colossal losses in people, equipment and ammunition sustained by the German armed forces as a result of the perishing of the 6th Army will require huge effort and a lot of time.

Aug 13, Gene Lecouteur rated it really liked it Shelves: But now we have to roam around this horrible Russia, and for what? Bansheex3Nov 24, Among the trophies of the Soviet troops was an enormous field post office of the adversary, along with diaries and other writings by captured soldiers. Whether written by men facing certain death or written for propaganda purposes to create a fiction about what soldiers might say if facing certain death – this book is nonetheless remarkable and unforgettable.

Nov 24, 8.

Whether written by men facing certain death or written for propaganda purposes to create a fiction about what soldiers might say if facing certain death – this book is nonetheless remarkable and unforgettab A short stunning collection of thirty-nine letters from doomed German soldiers of the Sixth Army as they awaited their fate outside Stalingrad. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Entries from the diary of Officer F. Highly recommend reading the history of Stalingrad prior to reading this as the gravity of what the soldiers face would be tough to grasp otherwise.

I wonder if she did. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Who do they choose to write to?