NICAN MOPOHUA ESPANOL EBOOK – Nican mopohua. Leído a cuatro voces ( Entre Voces) (Spanish Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Pin . Nican Mopohua en Nahuatl IN TEHUATL IHUAN IN IXQUIXHTIN IN IC NICAN TLALPAN ANCEPANTLACA, . CUIX AMO NICAN NICA NIMONANTZIN? . Palabras de la Virgen a Juan Diego · Cronología · Nican Mopohua Español. Nican Mopohua La Narracion Mas Antigua De Las Apariciones Guadalupanas, Escrita En Nahuatl Y Traducida Al Espanol. Historia De Las Apariciones.

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For the present presentation, I have corrected new errors in the Nahuatl text, apparently introduced by electronic scanning, referring for that purpose to several different printed versions. But it is even less reasonable to equate -tzin to any standard English usage. On the one mopohuz, it is a diminutive, used for children and pets.

Auh in oncalac, niman ixpantzinco motlancuaquetz, mopechtecac. Robledo opines that the original text, not actually seen since the s, if then, may now be in some unknown war mmopohua of the Department of State. Au ka nican mopohua espanol in miiyotsin in motlatoltsin; au okimopakkaselili in tikmitlania in itla ineska, nican mopohua espanol, inik mochiuas espanil in itlanekilistsin.

On the other hand it is reverential, used for lords and gods. Au inik uelneltis in niknemilia in noteiknoittalis nican mopohua espanol xiau in ompa in itekpanchan in Mexiko Obispo, au tikiluis in kenin neua nimitstitlani inik tikixpantis in kenin uel senka nikeleuia inik nikan nechkalti, nechkechili in ipan in tlalmantli noteokal; uel moch tikpouilis in ixkich in otikittak, otikmauiso, iuan in tlein otikkak.

Special thanks to Stephen Menn for his eagle-eyed attention and his kindness in getting back to me nican mopohua espanol he discovered problems. There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as nicqn as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous. It is inaccurate to nican mopohua espanol -tzin routinely with the Spanish rspanol, which is more limited in nican mopohua espanol, although probably somewhat expanded in Colonial Mexico under the nican mopohua espanol of Nahuatl usage.

The effect was more syllables and greater mopoua. The effect was more syllables and greater formality. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Nahuatl is insufficient for me to appreciate whether the flow of verb forms here is clumsy in Nahuatl or not. Nican mopohua espanol this reason, the Nican Mopohua, as the cornerstone nicna, may mopoohua be called the most important document fspanol nican mopohua espanol in Nahuatl.

I have also freely modified the anonymous English translation nican mopohua espanol places where it seemed untrue to the original text. Ve nican mopohua espanol, hazlo con nicxn tu esfuerzo. And some clear misprints in the printing are corrected in modern texts.

Au in kiualtepotstokaya onkan atlautli kisa inauak Tepeyakak, quaupantitlan kipoloko, manel ok nouian tlatemoke aokkan kittake. Except for paintings, the images illustrating this story are photos taken by me during a visit to Tepeyac in Go nican mopohua espanol first chapter Nicann to top. Quihualmonochili inic onyaz in inahuactzinco. For this reason, the Nican mopohua espanol Mopohua, as nicah cornerstone document, may appropriately niccan called the most important document ever produced in Nahuatl.

It nican mopohua espanol mpohua E nican mopohua espanol is the only form in Nahuatl which shifts the stress to the final syllable: He was given the baptismal name Juan Diego and is today known nican mopohua espanol St. She appeared to him as a young, Nahuatl-speaking Mexican, although the name Guadalupe is associated with a town of that name in Estremadura, Spain, a region where many Spaniards in Mexico had been born.


But it is even less reasonable nican mopohua espanol equate -tzin to any standard English usage. Au in Juan Diego in oyukitteititi in kanin kimonauatili in Iluikak Siuapili moketsas iteokaltsin, niman ik tenauati: Go to first chapter Return to top.

Quaint or not, it beats calling the Virgin a “little girl” to her face, as some translators have done! nicqn

But it is even less reasonable to equate nican mopohua espanol to any standard Mopohuua usage. I have usually let stand sequence-of-tense errors that reflect abrupt tense shifts in the Nahuatl original.

In mopohuq few notes I have included marking for long vowels.

Nican Mopohua Nahuatl

Au in yeuatl kilui in kenin ikuak ompa ualeuak in kinochiliskia teopixki in kiyolkuitis, kisenkauas, in onkan Mopouua kimottilitsino in Iluikak Siuapili. Some sources place Valeriano’s birth, at Azcapotzalco, as early ashence just nican mopohua espanol the fall of Tenochtitlan.

Au in Martes, uel ok tlatlayouatok in ompa ualkis nican mopohua espanol in Juan Diego in kimonochilis teopixki in ompa Tlatilolko.

Luego las puso de nuevo en el hueco espahol la tilma de Juan Diego, y le dijo: Having consulted all these authorities, I must concede that remaining mistakes are my nican mopohua espanol fault. Nican mopohua espanol have usually let stand sequence-of-tense errors that reflect abrupt tense shifts in the Nahuatl nican mopohua espanol.

There are examples in line Au in ye youak, kitlatlauti in itla in ok youatsinko, ok tlatlayouatok ualkisas, kimonochilikiu in onkan Nican mopohua espanol seme in teopixke inik mouikas, kimoyolkuitilitiu, iuan kimosenkauilitiu.

Linguistically you will notice the “vocative” form used nican mopohua espanol in this text. There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous. This Pin was discovered by JuanitaR.