Radical Evolution has ratings and 51 reviews. It’s by Joel Garreau, a Washington Post writer who wrote two books I enjoyed immensely: The Nine Nations. Taking us behind the scenes with today’s foremost researchers and pioneers, bestselling author Joel Garreau shows that we are at a turning point. 20 Jun Washington Post staff writer Joel Garreau explores that question through interviews with thinkers and scientists in his book “Radical Evolution.

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Apr 17, Dennis Radical evolution joel garreau rated it really liked it Shelves: They were the greatest pioneers ever to light out for the Territory. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Any thoughts on this?

That human technology may be advancing faster than our ability to adapt, leaving us ill-equipped to measure and manage the consequences. Still holds up six years after it came out–I guess the singularity isn’t quite here yet. Imagine that technology allows us to transcend seemingly impossible physical and mental barriers, not only for ourselves but, exponentially, for our children.

Growing objects such as a radical evolution joel garreau, or a TV will be possible with nanotechnology. Also, with the idea of what that means, and then what it means to be human hence the splurge on the title. Through advances in genetic, robotic, information and nanotechnologies, we are altering our minds, our memories, our metabolisms, our personalities, our progeny – and perhaps our very souls. Intelligence became less the property of isolated bands and more the sum radical evolution joel garreau civilization.

The writing style is straight journalistic; who, what, when, where, and why. Naturally, any scientific text is going to be a snapshot of the time in which it was written. The essence of the Heaven Scenario is stealing fire from the gods, breathing life into inert matter and gaining immortlity.

Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau |

The people reading Garreau’s book will live like gods, and their descendants will pretty much be gods. The speculative nature of the book can seem a bit grating at points because the author seems to be laying on the “Gee-Willikers” ef Joel Garreau examines radical evolution joel garreau different ideological bents in the transhuman or posthuman worldview.

What happens as we muck around with the most fundamental aspects of our identity? The second ramp is moral improvement.

Still, in a book where predictions are being made for, radical evolution joel garreau ; there is much to deal with that is still current.

A process underlying evolution is the development of intelligence. I think the whole universe right now is basically made up of dumb matter and energy and I think it will wake up. Also, this progress trap could be related to the Curve. Garreau is, truly, an artist. That is what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he talked about the pursuit of happiness. They spoke about science, innovation and….

Radical Evolution Means Human, Jun 18 | Video |

What kind of role does ethics play as we move towards advancements in how we learn, think or survive in society with these new kinds of technologies?

If profound restatements of how the world works arose all over the planet the radical evolution joel garreau time we had a transition on the scale of that from biological evolution to cultural evolution, will it happen again as we move from cultural evolution to radical evolution joel garreau evolution? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. That doesn’t anger me, I think, to a degree, that is human nature, but it does sadden me.

The author analyzes the impact technological advances will have on the future of humanity. Radical evolution joel garreau try again later. Eric Green talked about the state of human genome research and the changes it was bringing to medical treatment in the U.

They involve the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life. I thought that the 80’s was fast and furious with the internet coming of age. I’ve read numerous comparisons about things like how a modern slum-dweller lives better than an ‘s Indian chief; or the average middle-class American is better off than King Louis XIV.

grreau The book was actually written by a journalist, which made the book’s content very accessible. Human progress radical evolution joel garreau linked with our evolution. Dec 15, Philip Cosand rated it really liked it.

My thesis is that in just 20 years the boundary between fantasy and reality will be rent asunder.

We will be part of this very rapid explosion of intelligence, and beauty, and a very radical evolution joel garreau acceleration of this evolutionary process. At Natick Labs in Massachusetts, the U. Robotics and information technology holds the promise of giving humans access to almost infinite amounts of information — and the possibility of artificial intelligences as smart or smarter than ourselves. Through advances in genetic, robotic, information, and nanotechnologies, we are altering our minds, our memories, our metabolisms, our personalities, our progeny—and perhaps our very souls.

Each of these levels of happiness could be influenced by a transformation of human nature, and each might be a good measure of whether we are managing transcendence effectively.

The Curve implies one of the all-time changes in the rules. May 17, Radical evolution joel garreau. It offers on one end extreme radical evolution joel garreau and on the other extreme despair.

Radical Evolution

Jul 31, Philip Athans rated it evolutiob was amazing. Are The Curves of exponential change smoothly accelerating, radical evolution joel garreau will they display unexpected slowdowns, stops or reversals?

Garreau talks about Moores Law, which he says is the reason that electronics capacity doubles every 18 months, and this time fram will Whew!

In this sense, it worked as a great companion to the fiction to balance out how close uoel are in achieving some radically different ways to change our culture radical evolution joel garreau ourselves. There are Curves of exponential change.