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Remember that the state of the teeth 18 marked upon the Mount of Saturn and the Line of Fate that teitninates there. Color— Width— Depth, Thin, toward the center — Nervous or brain trouble, to last as long as the thin- ness extends on the Line. A square on or close to the Line — Preservation from physical harm, or love sorrow. In the above observations, whenever, instead of the practice of palmistry for professional purposes clean break or gap, the two fragnu nts are overlaying each other, the lovers shall be probably reunited, es- pccially if the break exists only in one hand.

Under the circumstances it is really something of a disaster.

A fork at the termination, both prongs sloping low down into the Mount of the Moon — Diseased imagination; some- thing of the Oscar Wilde fir of aber- ration. The presence of the grille simply ex- aggerates palmistryy Mount of Jupiter and is proof professlonal for me that this elo- quence will not be exerted for worthy motives.

Well traced and placed, with a strong first phalanx of the thumb — Constancy Fidelity needs the practice of palmistry for professional purposes power if it is to last. The reading is still more exact if the Line is split lengthwise; this is not possible to show in palmistdy design.

Skin chained beginning oi the Line of Life, this por- tion of it ending in a star with a deep, dark dot at the center. Miscarriages, in the latter period of pregnancy, leave the same markings in women’s hands. A very good Mount of Saturn and a well shaped second finger may cover up the deficiencies of the Line, Forked, one prong arising frcwn the Mount of the Moon, and the practice of palmistry for professional purposes Line itself broken just wher e the fork ends — Dan- ger of death by drowning or danger of unfaithfulness on the part of a loved one.

With the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus developed — A spirit of benevolence be- coming the prime mover in the subject’s life work. Terminating in a fork, one prong of which enters the Mount of the Moon — superabundance of the animal nature; often amounts almost to brutal insan- ity.

A good memory needs a clear brain and an unclogfged Liver. The fork at the termination of the Line of Head indi- cates how easily he was deceived. Very thin and long — Murderous in- stincts. A high Plain of Mars. The Lines ot Heart and Head joined at the start on the Line of Life, the latter broken at j; in one handwith the frag- ments overlaying each other. These curved lines always indicate failure, as if a weakening of the subject, at the critical moment, had spoiled bril- liant possibilities.

Broken, but with an overlaying frag- the practice of palmistry for professional purposes continuing it at once — Recovery after serious brain troubles. Its second phalanx has already absorbed the inspiration and causes it to pass through the the practice of palmistry for professional purposes of human reason. Otherwise and more generally I take the smaller number. There is another point, however, that ought to be ventilated and settled herein to the satisfaction of the student who is often puzzled by the general readings of this Line, in the majority of Palmistic Primers and even more advanced works.

The Practice of Palmistry for Professional Purposes – C. de Saint-Germain – Google Books

A star — Riches, but much trouble to secure them, keep them and enjoy them; due to exaggerate influence of, or love for, the opposite sex. A star at the very beginning of the Line of Life.

A big cross under that star. Andrew’a cross called the Mystic Cross. It acts in that case as a sister line to the Line of Liver. The intensity of this affection gener- the practice of palmistry for professional purposes prognosticates a fatal reaction com- ing.

P esbarrolles says of the Rascette: A Line of Influence from the lower Mount of the Moon merges into the Line of Fate at the black dot An island across the Line between the Mount of Venus and the Line of Heart, the island ending in a fork — Divorce, re- sulting from the fact of the subject lead- vor astray an innocent girl.

However, it was proved that she had never committed any guilty action, but at the same time 3he acknowledged to Desbarrolles that she had been deeply enamored with the fa- mous actor Bressant, who waa one of her hus- band’s clients, but that never by word or deed had she ever allowed him to know anything of her infattuition.

You will find a great difference in the general aspect of these two lines; I ad- vise you to study their practife very closely so that, should one of them be absent and the remaining one occupy its place an abnormal formation that is not uncommonyou may recognize the Line for what it really is. Deeply traced, with a Mount of Jup- iter high in both hands — Friendship of people in high position.

Very long, with a prominent or much lined Mount of the Moon and a clearly marked Girdle of Venu s — Almost insane jealousy, generally of a physical nature and often without cause, since imagina- tion, not common sense, rules over it.

Cut by a Line of Union — Loss of po- sition due to unsuitable marriage, or to the practice of palmistry for professional purposes disgraceful fof.

Forked at the start, one prong toward the Mount of Jtipiter, the other toward but not touching the Line of Head — starting Points. One clear branch to between the third and fourth fingers — Profitable success in artistic or scientific labors.

Notice that this Line from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of the Moon is also purooses quite correctly as “dangerous kidney trouble. With a particularly fine Line of Fate, this discouraging prognostic would be materially minimized.