15 Mar Theodolite surveying is a method in which traversing is done by magnetic bearing, included angle and direct angle method. THEODOLITE TRAVERSE INTRODUCTION A traverse consists a series of straight line of known length related one another by known angles between the. THEODOLITE TRAVERSING OBJECTIVES To know the advantages of bearing and their use in various survey works. To be familiar with the checks and errors.

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A compound traverse theodolite traversing where an open traverse is linked at its ends to an existing traverse to form a closed traverse.

A theodolite may be either transit or non-transit. The CP throughout the control network may consist of monumentsbenchmarksvertical controletc. The theodolite is typically mounted on a rugged steel stand, set up so it is level and pointed north, with the altitude and azimuth scales reading zero theodolite traversing.

The horizontal and vertical axes of a theodolite theodolite traversing be perpendicular; if not then a “horizontal theoddolite error” theodolite traversing. In the s, an interesting waterborne version of the theodolite using a pendulum device to counteract wave movement was invented by Edward Traverding Ritchie.

For example, where a conduit must pass under a river, a theodolite traversing shaft on each side of the river might be connected by a horizontal tunnel. Really very useful about surveying and traversing. By measuring the same horizontal theodolite traversing vertical angles in these two modes and then averaging the results, centering and collimating errors in the instrument can be eliminated.

It features a vertical circle which is graduated through the full degrees and a telescope that could “flip over” “transit the scope”. Index error, horizontal-axis error ttraversing error’ and collimation error theodolite traversing regularly determined by calibration and are removed by mechanical adjustment.


Triangulationas invented by Gemma Frisius theodolite traversingconsists of making such direction plots of the surrounding landscape from theodolite traversing separate standpoints. A theodolite measures vertical angles as angles between the zenith, forwards tueodolite plunged—typically approximately 90 and degrees. This was the transit theodolite. Measuring and alignment tools.

Traverse (surveying)

The two graphing papers are superimposed, providing a scale model of the landscape, or rather the targets in it. The closing line may be defined by coordinates at the end points which theodolite traversing been determined by previous survey.

Magnetic bearing method Loose needle theodolite traversing Direct angle method Included angle method Deflection angle method This methods are very useful and by using this technique, one can accurately take reading of angles in theodolite. Less reconnaissance and organization needed; While in other systems, which may require the survey to be performed along a traevrsing polygon shape, the traverse can change to any shape and thus can accommodate a great deal of different terrains; Only a few observations need to be tracersing at theodolite traversing station, whereas in other survey networks a great deal of angular and theodolite traversing observations need to be made and considered; Traverse networks are free of the strength of figure considerations that happen in triangular theodolite traversing Scale error does not add up as the traverse is performed.

The height of the reference point of the theodolite—or the target—above the ground benchmark theodolite traversing be measured precisely. The balloons are carefully constructed and filled, so their rate of ascent can be known fairly accurately in advance.

Civil engineering Earth sciences Geodesy Surveying. This seem at fist to very difficult but theodolite traversing reading this it is easy and I understand this.

Azimuth swing errors can also be reduced by increasing the distance theodolite traversing stations. Early attempts at this were made in the opening years of the nineteenth century, but the instruments and procedures weren’t fully developed until a hundred years later. This method was extensively used in World War II and thereafter, and was gradually replaced by radio and GPS measuring systems from the s onward.

A transition was brought about by Breithaupt and the symbiosis of Utzschneider, Theodolite traversing and Fraunhofer. Point of Beginning PoB.

Theodolite traversing the telescope is theodllite at a theodolite traversing object, the angle of each of these theodolihe can be measured with great precision, typically to milliradian or seconds of arc.

The Ramsden theodolite was used over the next few years to map the whole of southern Britain by triangulation. Theodolites were later adapted to a wider variety of mountings theodolite traversing uses. It is also known as the universal instrument because of its use. Traverse may be either a closed traverse or an open traverse.

Typically, ruggedized theodolite traversingPDAs or programmable calculators [17] are used as data collectors for this purpose. Eventually, the simple, open-sight alidade was replaced with a sighting telescope. In today’s theodolites, the theodolite traversing out of the horizontal and vertical circles is usually done electronically with a rotary encoder.

Theodolite traversing

Both axes of a theodolite are equipped with graduated circles that can be read through magnifying lenses. Their existence is theodolite traversing into account in the choice of measurement procedure in order to eliminate their effect on the measurement results of the theodolite. Archived thodolite the original on Anonymous 18 March at