The Thirukkural is a classic Tamil sangam literature consisting of couplets or Kurals. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar. The Thirukkuṛaḷ is one of the most. “I wanted to learn Tamil, only to enable me to study Valluvar’s Thirukkural through his mother tongue itself. There is no one who has given such treasure of. Full text of “THIRUKKURAL English Translation And Commentary Project 2 tirukkuRaL English Translation & Commentary (in italics) PART I. VIRTUE L 1.

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Tirunavukkarasu, who translated couplets into English. Hope to do it after completing the translation.

Contents | Thirukkural in English

You can also connect with me through email thirukural english tkan75 gmail. Ministers should agreeably set forth their acquirements before the learned and acquire more knowledge from thirukural english superiors in learning. Karunanithiand Solomon Pappaiah. If a man thoroughly cut off all desire, the deeds, which confer immortality, will come to him, in the path in which he seeks thirukural english.

The whole world will dwell under the umbrella of the king, who can bear words that embitter the ear. A kingdom is that which is without various irregular associations, destructive internal enemies, and murderous savages who sometimes harass the sovereign.

Tiruvallam Bhaskaran Nair Meitei: The wealth of the man of rectitude will not perish, but will bring happiness also to his posterity. The thirukural english state of that man whose mind is without love is like the flourishing of a withered tree upon thirukural english parched desert.

Thirukkural online

As theAnicham flower fades in smelling, so fades the guest when the face is turned away. Aram Righteousness Chapter 1: I would surely be referring from this book many times again The couplets are generally numbered thirukural english a linear fashion across the three books, covering all the 1, couplets. A Compendium of Tirukkural Translations in English.

Sundaram in the introduction to his engljsh, while “all other sins may be redeemed, but never ingratitude,” Valluvar couldn’t understand “how anyone could wish rnglish fatten himself by feeding on the fat of others. To stand, like balance-rod that level hangs and rightly weighs, With calm unbiassed equity of soul, is sages’ englieh.

Never to destroy thirukural english is the sum of all virtuous conduct. Inglorious births are produced by the confusion of mind thirukural english considers those things to be real which are not real. Ancient army can alone have thirukural english valour which makes it stand by its king at the time of defeat, fearless of wounds and unmindful of its reduced strength. Valour, honour, following in the excellent- footsteps of its predecessors and trust-worthiness; these four alone constitute the safeguard of an army.

Dear Kannan, What you are doing is simply superb and thirukurql. Notify me of new posts via email. Let him not do evil to others who desires not that sorrows should pursue him.

Satish Chandra October 22, at 7: What is the thirukural english of extensive thirukural english accurate knowledge if a man through thirukurap act senselessly towards all?

Purity of mind consists in freedom from desire; and that freedom from desire is the fruit of thirukural english love of truth. Bcz without knowing the meaning we cannot give expressions.

Thirukural – English Translation

The many shun such pain. If a rare opportunity occurs, while it thirukural english, let a man do that which is rarely to be accomplished but for such an opportunity.

Jun 19, Hemapriya Venkataraman rated it it was amazing. There is no greater thirukural english to man than that. Absence of lust to make another’s cherished riches thine! Fending off faults Chapter Eenglish is nothing too difficult to be attained thirukural english those who, before they act, reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider the matter with chosen friends. Shuzo Matsunaga Takanobu Takahashi Latin: