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TM 9-1275 PDF

Section 1. Paragraphs INTRODUCTION. 1. Scope. a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of ordnance maintenance personnel. Carefully clean corrosion preventives from materiel received from storage (refer to TM ). b. Instructions for cleaning and lubricating the rifle by using are. Tm – US 30 cal. – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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If the bolt does not close on this gage, selective as- sembly of other new bolts with the barrel should be made. Sell now tm Have one to sell?

Ordnance inspection forms and records, O.

Pits In a barrel classed as unserviceable under this condition should be disregarded. Full text of ” TM U. They consist of a complete rebuild of parts and assemblies, including rebarreling and patching of stocks, in addition to the operations which may be performed by third and fourth echelon personnel.

Bolt, field test B Apply oil to wood onlyallow to remain a few hours to soak in. Fashion, from wood, a cylindrical plug to an easy tj fit and coat with glue.


In- ner surface of elevating knob rim can be dressed off sufficiently with sharpening stone to allow the serrations to mate. Straps long and short. Instructions for cleaning and lubricating the rifle by using are explained in FM If heel of sear binds on trig- ger step, stone lightly until it has a slight rock on pin. Check rod for deformation, pinched or worn fork, loose rivets new typeand for burs. This reduces to a minimum the time required in fitting bolts and 9-1725 rods to the rifle, since in most cases those assembled in the rifle when it is returned for rebuild were fitted by the manufacturer.


If this occurs or if screw is too loose in its threaded hole, bore -91275 out with a drill to about twice the major outside diameter of the screw. If rear end of arm is bent up, the operating rod catch will release early and bolt snap forward as clip is inserted, or bolt may close on an empty chamber.

The disassembly personnel perform visual inspection of all components as they are removed to insure that unserviceable, irreparable components are dropped from the flow of parts as soon as they are removed. Lower band pin loose or missing.

Insert nose of a dummy hm in this opening, holding cartridge vertical. The rebuild flow chart represents the various steps necessary in rebuild of U.

This condition may be caused by dirt or carbon deposits in the bottom of the groove into which the gas cylinder plug fits. Top loose in body. Special care, cleaning and lubrication of 9-11275. Tighten the lockscrew so it cannot work loose while firing. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program ttm and conditions — opens in a new window or tm In gm cases relieve binding, and bevel protrusions with fine, flat file with safe edge to prevent splintering or chipping.

Frequent fitting should be done while filing to prevent the removal of too much wood, or un- even bearing. By referring the serviceability chart, the inspector may readily determine the serviceability of a weapon in accordance with its future disposition. Remove carbon as fol- lows: Sections have been provided in the flow chart to cover the assembly of certain components and furnish them to the rifle assemblers assembled and ready to use.

By order of the Secretary of War: The weapon is cleaned after function firing and thereafter on three successive days, using an approved method of cleaning.

Weight of rifles complete with telescope, flash hider, web sling, and cheek pad, but less web carrying case, M If dirt and carbon is present, clean groove, and check alinement with the gas cylinder plug alinement gage. Lay tool with patch into palm of left hand, close left hand over tool, and give tool about three turns to the right. Soap screw and screw it in hole, backing screw off now and then to prevent thread crowding.

Use a fine flat file. The 10th graduation or point marked “reject” is equivalent to a bore diameter of. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and rm international tracking. The weapons are then function fired and any minor repairs which are necessary are then performed. If a selective assembly of plugs will not aline properly, misallne- ment in the gas cylinder is indicated and the gas cylinder should be replaced.

Full text of “TM U.S. Rifle, Cal M1, “

Loading may also be affected, as the catch will not release properly. On the M1D model, the telescope is held in a removable mount which in turn is attached to a fixed base on the barrel of the rifle by means of one screw and dowel pin. Only rifles having the new spline-type gas cylinder are to be rebuilt. The serviceability chart is a tabulation of the special requirements and serviceability standards for weapons in the hands of troops, to accompany troops overseas, or to be placed in storage for reissue.

Operating rod spring C referred to above is the old type uniform diameter spring.