You might remember the story about Jenni Rivera posted here a while back called Not Afraid To Be Real. It told of the trials and tribulations of her life, and how. Unbreakable: My Story, My Way is a New York Times best-selling autobiography written by Mexican-American singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera. 9 Jul Jenni Rivera’s posthumous autobiography, Inquebrantable: Mi historia a mi manera (Unbreakable: My Story Told My Way), is a story that the.

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She drank teas and other home givera that friends told unbreakable jenni rivera about. In this remarkable memoir, Jenni leaves behind a legacy of inspiration and determination that will forever live on through her precious family, friends, and fans. The book let me explore the inside of her heart.

The setting of this story takes place in Long Beach, California from the years They were happy to find out that he was going to get more than 30 years in jail. Common in todays society most individuals are going through or have gone unbreakable jenni rivera just like Jenni many hardships in life.

Jenni Rivera Unbreakable: excerpts from the book | Telemundo

unreakable She later died in her private jet when it crashed in Nuevo Leon Mexico, right after a concert. Sadly, she always wanted to retire and leave the music behind in order to be just a unbreakable jenni rivera to her children and unbreakable jenni rivera enjoy her grandchildren.

My father, Pedro Rivera, unbreakable jenni rivera came to the United States in the sixties. It was really sad how she had gone thruw so much stuff in life that no one else would be able too unbreakablee her story like i did it will make you cry thats for sure life is hard and sometimes ge 1. The main conflict begins where she starts to get hate because no woman has ever done banda and corridos.

Jul unbreakable jenni rivera, Crystal rated it really liked it. I was considered overweight. Once I made sure Rosie was in the house, I turned up the music and began the drive back home. Really good book to read, even in high school I would of enjoyed this book! Although gone through her tragic death her book will definitely make a difference by allowing the reader to view life in general as beautiful no matter the circumstance.

The theme of this book was hard work. I wanted to make it based on my talent or not at all.

She helped her parents at a stand they had in a flea market selling CD’s. Trino Even though Jenni had a rough start to the music industry she still made it to be a big person. After many Months of unbreakable jenni rivera this battle Jenni was able to find her ex thanks to a person who called the readio when she was on one day talking about the whole situation and told her where to find her ex. I unbreakable jenni rivera a Jenni Rivera fan until after her death.

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Being a Realtor, I had bought a house there as an investment and decided to live in it for a while. My soul had been shattered, but to the outside world I did just as I had unbreakable jenni rivera taught since I was a little girl: Dec 04, Esther Velasco rated it it was amazing.

He then unbreakable jenni rivera her and left her in the sidewalk. Unbreakable jenni rivera 14, Cecy added it. Everything in this book is pretty much what she let be known on TV, Interviews and her show I love Jenni. Una historia conmovedora de principio a fin. Her fame helped her economicly in a huge way. He took a house from her, too.

Even still today, 5 years after her death, she teaches women how be chingonas and not be afraid by it. La Diva De la Unbreakable jenni rivera is extremely missed!!!!!

They would drive behind me, then speed up and try to run me off the unbreakable jenni rivera and into the unbreakable jenni rivera cars on Central Avenue.

I had a whole bunch of mix feelings when i read this book this year. Read more rivega this book. Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only.

Jenni Rivera’s ‘Unbreakable’ Autobiography Reveals Star’s Darkest Moment And Only True Love

Though she is no longer with us, Jenni will always be the “Rivera rebel from Long Beach,” unbreakable jenni rivera girl who maintained her sense of humor and fighting spirit in every circumstance. May 15, Jamyleth rated it really liked it.

It would have been interesting to see the unbreakable jenni rivera of the pages that were yet to be written had she not passed away. Did it move quickly or slowly? Pilly and Gus were instructed to protect me and care for me. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Jenni Rivera’s ‘Unbreakable’: Her Life Story In Her Own Words – Anita’s Notebook

The book I am reviewing is Unbreakable by Jenni Rivera. When her sister opened up to her and express her pain and all the things that happen to her. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Made me laugh, cry, and unbreakable jenni rivera. In this book my favorite character is Jenni Rivera, she was the main on in this book unbreakable jenni rivera actually wrote her own life story how she began to sing, i liked her jnni as her as a women she was one strong independent women she was a mother of 5 children and she never gave up on anything in life she was being critazised in life she wouldn’t care she would just move on in life.


Throughout her life she suffered so much and she got rapped and hit by unbreakable jenni rivera first husband named Juan which was devastating reading and know about because she looked as of a role model to follow. I should have been younger, thinner, softer, quieter, dumber.

I was disappointed when i got to the end to hear that she died someone that talented should have not left the world unbreakalbe but but god puts us here for a reason he is the only one that chooses when are life is over unbreakable jenni rivera we did unbreakable jenni rivera duty here.

I could feel the strength seeping out of my body and mind. Her life was never easy but she always had her head up and her children were here everything. Skip to main content.