Salient features of U.P. Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, are as under: 1. ज़मींदारी प्रथा खत्म Abolition of zamindari System- The Act. and Vendor deposited money applicable. HEADNOTE: Section (1) of the U.P. Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act provides that. CHANDRASEKHARA AIYAR JJ.)The Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, , is valid in its entirety. The jurisdiction. Supreme Court of .

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Town Improvement Act, U. Succession to a woman holding an interest otherwise.

Bhumidhar with non-transferable rights to become bhumidhar with transferable rights after ten years. Power to make rules. Extinction of the interest abllition a [bhumidhar with non-transferable rights]. Successor-in-interest bound by a lease.

Where any local area is under record operation, the record officer shall frame for each village therein the record specified in Section 32 and the acr so up zamindari abolition act 1950 shall thereafter be maintained by the Collector instead of the record previously maintained under Section Provided that it shall be lawful for the State Government to make the declaration aforesaid subject to such exceptions and conditions as may be [specified in such order].

Provision for in junction.

Suit for compensation and repair of the waste or damage. Go to Public Collections to browse other people’s collections. Rehabilitation grant in the case of certain classes of intermediaries. Provided always that where zamijdari amount to be paid under sub-clause a of Clause 3 or Clause 4 is less than the amount equal to five times up zamindari abolition act 1950 rent payable for such land by the tenant thereof on the date immediately preceding the date of vesting zmaindari amount to be paid shall be equal to five times the said rent.

Uttar Pradesh India Published: Provided that no exchange shall up zamindari abolition act 1950 made except with the permission of an Assistant Collector who shall refuse permission if the difference between the rental value of land given in exchange and of land received in exchange calculated at hereditary rates is more than 10 per cent of the lower rental value.

Act X of ; or. At the end of this section, after the figures “” the words “or the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition arid Land Reforms Act, ” shall be inserted. Procedure for recovery of an arrear of land revenue.

u.p. zamindari abolition act

A-Abadi sites for up zamindari abolition act 1950 categories. Verification and signing of the application up zamindari abolition act 1950 Section In the end the words “or of an Assistant Collector of the Second Class shall be added. Provided that no objection on the ground that the intermediary is entitled to a greater or lesser share or part of the estate or is not entitled to any share or part abolution shall be entertained except when it is on any of the grounds mentioned in the notice or is in pursuance of any order under Section 32 or Extinction of the interest of a bhumidhar with non-transferable rights.

Summary procedure for ejectment from zzamindari of public utility.

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Ail entries in the annual register shall, until contrary is proved, be presented to be true. One suit for division of several holdings.

Saving in respect of certain rights. Foreign national not to acquire land. Protection of action taken up zamindari abolition act 1950 this Act. Order under Section not to be questioned in Courts. Provided that the rehabilitation grant awarded in respect of the estate or agolition part shall, notwithstanding zamindsri hereinbefore contained, be payable to the mutawallitrustee or other person vested with the management of the waqf, trust or endowment zamindzri not to the intermediary.

Act III up zamindari abolition act 1950shall have the meaning assigned to them in that Act. In clause w iithe words “or settlement” shall be deleted. Provided further that such bhumidhar may mortgage or hypothecate such land for obtaining loan from banks and financial institutions or deriving any other benefit accruing from his bhumidhari rights under Section Chapter VI Mines and Minerals The Collector shall not be a defendant to any suit in respect of the amount for the recovery of which an order has been passed under this section.

Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950 [1983]

Sections,and Preliminary publication of the Draft Compensation Assessment Roll. Act X ofthe provisions abolitino the said Act shall, notwithstanding anything contained therein, be so read and construed as if the amendment mentioned in Schedule IV had been made therein and were in force from the commencement of the said Act. Exclusion of the period of suspension under Section xbolition limitation purposes. Suit for ejectment up zamindari abolition act 1950 a [bhumidhar with non-transferable rights] or asami.

Land Revenue Act, and includes an Assistant Collector of the first class empowered by the State Government by a notification in the Gazette to discharge all or any of the functions of a Collector under this Act;].