21 Feb The Vivekachudamani is a collection of poetical couplets authored by Shankara This edition contains the original Sanskrit text, the roman. VIVEKACHUDAMANI. (The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination). of. SRI SANKARA BHAGAVATPADA. A Summary. (Based on the Commentary of. Pujya Sri. Vivekachudamani. The four preliminary requisites. (Saadhanachatushtayam). In order that hearing, reflection and meditation may be fruitful, the aspirant should.

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The Self is within, and the vSelf is without; the Self is before and the Self is behind; the Self is on ihe south and the Self is on the north ; the Self likewise is above as well vivekachudamani sanskrit below. As long as there is vivekachudamni trace of poisoning left vivekachudamani sanskrit the body, how can one tivekaciiudama: The Atman is above all change.

vivekachudamani sanskrit For the hierarchy vide Katha Upa. It was xust now seen by me, and has it ceased to exist? Clouds are brought in by the wind and again driven away by the same vivekachudamani sanskrit. For his bodies, consisting of Nes- cience etc.

This superimposition, in the case of Isvara the Lordis Maya or Nescience, which is the cause vivekachudamani sanskrit Mahat vivekachudamani sanskrit the rest, — and in the case of the Jiva the individual soullisten, — the five Sheaths, which are the effects of Maya, stand for it.

Causing the external and internal universes which are now perceived to vanish and meditating on the Reality, vivekachudamani sanskrit Bliss Embodied, vivekachudamxni should pass one’s time watchfully, if there be any residue of Prarabdha work left. The next Sloka follows up the idea.

It criticizes attachment to the body and goes to explain the various Sareeras, KosasGunasSenses and Pranas which constitute the Anatman. As a treasure hidden underground requires for its extraction competent instruction, excavation, the removal of stones and such other things vivekachudamsni above it and finally grasping, but never comes out by being merely called out by name, so the transparent Truth of the Self, which is hidden by Maya and its effects, is to be attained through the instructions vivekachudamani sanskrit a knower of Brahman, followed by reflexion, meditation and so forth, but not through perverted argumentations.

Sever thy craving for sense-objects vivekachudamani sanskrit are like poison, for it is the very image of death, vivekachudamani sanskrit giving up thy pride of caste, family and order vivekachudamahi life, fling actions to a vivekachudamani sanskrit ; give up thy identi- fication with such unreal things as the body and the rest, and fix thy mind on the Atman.

With the ripening of Knowledge the vivekachudamani sanskrit birds coalesce into one, the Self alone remains, and life is known to be a dream. I do not see, or hear, vivekachudamani sanskrit know anything in this.


There is no greater danger for the J7ta7itn than carelessness about his vivekachudamani sanskrit real natiire. Work — Work for material ends, such as getting to heaven and so forth, is meant. Those seekers after liberation wlicf- have got only an apparent dispassiont Vairagya and are trying to vivekachudamani sanskrit the ocean of Samsara relative existencethe shark of hankering catches by the vivekachudamani sanskrit and violently snatching away drowns-them.

To Sub- scribers of P. The vivekachudamani sanskrit that accompany a shower of rain on the ocean quickly melt and’ become one with it. Similarly we see the Atman through the covering of Prakriti or Nature, ot which Buddhi etc. This Atman is a self-cognised entity, because Vivekachudamani sanskrit is cognised by Itself.

How can something that is superimposed on another have any existence, and how can that which is unreal have a vivekachudamani sanskrit Similailj, if vivekachudamani sanskrit laive away the omniscience omnipotence etc. Cycle — Kalpa, the entire duration of the evolved universe.

These Kosas will be dealt with later on in the book. Para —Demonstration is the reasoning in support of the subject-matter, adduced at different places in the same section. The Vivekachudamani sanskrit from Brahnid down to a clump of grass are all simply unreal.


Vivekachudamani sanskrit knows everything that hap- pens in the waking state, in vivekachudamani sanskrit and in profound sleep, is aware of the presence or absence of the mind and its functions, and is the background of the notion, ‘ Here I am.

Through the centuries, the Vivekachudamani has been translated into several languages and has been the topic vivekachudamani sanskrit many commentaries and expositions. He whose illumination is steady, who has constant bliss, who has almost forgot the phenomenal universe, sanskkrit accepted as a man liberated in this very life.

Hence the shutting out of the external world is the stepping-stone to Libera- tion. Subtle essences — Tanmdtrds. And man’s trans- migration vivekachudzmani never at an end. See vivekachudamani sanskrit on Sloka Scriptural words — such as vivekachudamani sanskrit art That,” and so on.