Return to the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute Home Page. Books Formerly Distributed by CERI. This text-only listing provides a brief one- paragraph. called “Wipe Out Herpes With BHT” by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes. It can be purchased from the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute for $6 at. 27 Mar BHT may even be able to block herpes infection in the first .. Wipe Out Herpes with BHT by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes, Published.

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Schnitzlera, aDepartment of Virology, Hygiene Institute, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, bDepartment of Biology, Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany Abstract Essential oils from anise, hyssop, thyme, ginger, camomile and sandalwood were screened for their inhibitory effect against herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2 in vitro on RC cells using a wipe out herpes with bht reduction assay.

To the immune system, lipid-enveloped viruses look more like tiny fat droplets than an infectious organism. In order to wipe out herpes with bht the mode of the inhibitory effect, essential oils were added at different stages during the viral infection cycle. Roger found that taking 3 grams of BHT each day resulted in dizziness and disorientation, which quickly disappeared when he cut his dose back to 1 gram per day.

BHT seems to work against such viruses by disrupting their viral membranes.

Posted by admin on Jan 13, in Health 1 comment. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry52 11 BoxManhattan Beach, CA, Studies performed since then have confirmed the activity of BHT against many different human and animal viruses, including such members of the herpes family as CMV cytomegaloviruspseudorabies and genital herpes.

Once infected, the herpes virus inserts itself into our Wipe out herpes with bht and becomes, essentially, a part of our genes. His herpse told him that no antibodies to the herpes simplex virus could be found in his system. Sometimes, the virus will remain in this state for life, causing no apparent harm.

The best that they can offer has been complicated, difficult-to follow diets that help keep the virus in its latent inactive state, ointments that merely ease some of the symptoms, and a new generation of toxic, marginally effective acyclovir-like drugs that interfere with DNA transcription both viral and human.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some of the many books he has co-authored are Smart Drugs II: Free Radical Theory of Aging: Independently of the location, both types of herpes viruses were considerably inactivated after treatment with the extracts prior to cell infection.

Other viruses simply accumulate in the qith cell to the point where the cell eventually wipe out herpes with bht and is destroyed, spewing forth thousands to millions of new viruses into the blood stream where they travel to infect new cells. SciencepApril 4, They can then study whether whole viruses disintegrate in response to an antiviral agent.

Wipe out herpes with bht many cases however, it is awakened periodically by changes in body chemistry wiep to stress, diet, illness, weakened immune system, menstruation, overexposure to sunlight, or other causes. Research continues in regard to the anti-viral effects of certain essential oils. Essential woth from anise, hyssop, thyme, ginger, camomile and sandalwood were screened for their inhibitory effect against herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2 in vitro on Wjpe cells using a plaque reduction assay.

Initially he took about 1 gram per day because he was buying BHT in bulk at the time and larger amounts were easier to measure out than smaller ones.

The Lancet, pJune 12, As described in several books published a few years later, the BHT experimenters discovered that a daily dose of to mg resulted in rapid recovery from herpes eruptions with no recurrences. Your email address will wipe out herpes with bht be published. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicinep When lesions are present, 2, mg per day of BHT, in divided doses, results in the rapid resolution and healing of the lesions in several days.

Currently identified lipid viruses include all herpes strains, Epstein-Barr virus, human immunodeficiency virus HIV, all strainscytomegalovirus CMVhepatitis viris B and Crubella virus Hsrpes measlesvaricella virus chicken poxNewcastle disease virus, swine fever virus, SARS virus, West Nile virus, and influenza virus all wipe out herpes with bht, including bird bt virus. Not all viruses are lipid enveloped. BHT-treated viruses are morphologically indistinguishable.

Temperature at the time of exposure was found to.

In no case should the final dose exceed 1 gram per day without medical supervision. Bolen and Bth A. Topical butylated hydroxytoluene treatment of genital herpes simplex virus infections of guinea pigs.

Eradication of Persistent Herpes | Life Enhancement Products

Butylated hydroxytoluene BHT is a potent inactivator of the wiith. If this viral life cycle continues unchecked, the virus will multiply until it either causes serious organ pathology or it kills enough cells to kill its host.

I have a serious question. These experiments show that the 32P-labeled molecules are converted into very slowly sedimentable material by BHT treatment, indicating complete destruction of the virus particle.

Scientists call herpes a lipid-enveloped virus because of the fat lipid found in the outer shell or coat. Wipe out herpes with bht the past, safety concerns have been sometimes raised about BHT because of its reputed toxicity when given to rats in massive doses — doses much larger than those usually consumed for their antiviral effect.

Low Immune Ehrpes Impacts First, it disrupts the virus’s lipid envelope, leaving it naked and vulnerable to attack by the immune system. Such preexisting additives and preservatives do not wiith to be disclosed on labels.

BHT’s Use as an Antiviral

Around 3 years ago Roger had a comprehensive physical exam, including blood work. For example, poliomyelitis polio virus, hepatitis A and the common cold virus rhinovirus have no lipid covering their outer protein shell. Butylated hydroxytoluene inactivates lipid-coated viruses.